22 May 2014

Why People Like to Put Bag on The Seat?

Just now when I took a bus home, it was a double-decked bus, bottom was packed so I moved upstairs, first thing I saw when I went up, I saw this uncle sitting and he placed his bag on the empty seat beside him, never mind so I turned and looked to other seats, then I saw one office woman also doing the same, so I looked elsewhere, at least 2 or 3 more person also doing that, alamak, why like that, they just looked elsewhere and ignored my existence, damn it, like that also can, then I felt so disgusted and I just went downstairs, give me I also don't feel like sitting with them.

Then as I stood downstairs, I thought of the ugly things that people here do, chopping tables with packets of tissue or umbrella, really, I see that all the time at food centres, I know it's easier because everybody can go buy food, but does that feel right to you?

I think the worst are litterbugs, just look at my void deck, tissues, candy wrappings, empty soda cans, empty food packing, empty instant noodles cup, all sorts of rubbish, these people just eat and throw, so easy for them, wait for cleaner to clean up for them, sigh, not as if there is no rubbish bin.

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