28 June 2014

Tomorrow Moving into New House!

Today went there and saw that the contractor had done some work i.e. laid one layer of cement to prepare for overlay of tiles, at least I can see the materials now, they changed to the longer type of tiles, heard from my father it's because the one that we choose ran out of stock so my father changed for me, it's fine as long as they can get it done, I have gotten to the point of anything works as long as it's done!

Anyway tomorrow we will move in, can't wait, a bit shabby but our room is decent, we even have a set of dining table and 4 chairs, it's from some ang moh who is moving back home and they don't need it anymore so my father took it for us, still looks new, I think it's expensive, the table is a tempered glass top and chromed leggings, chairs are also chromed with leather seats, so no need to buy dining table and chairs, another saving.

26 June 2014

Took IQ Test LOL

I think 2 or 3 questions I anyhow whack, totally didn't make any sense to me lol.

IQ Test for Free
IQ Test for Free

Anyway 127 is above average so not that bad, can check out the score below.


Flooring Works Still Not Started

Really can vomit blood, until now nothing is done, I don't even see the materials or anybody, what the hell man. Took them a few weeks just to apply for the permit, and when the permit is finally approved, no update no nothing, no material and nobody, nothing, damn f**king pissed off.

Now I know why my friends told me not to find people I know to do the renovation, in my case it's my father's friend, they f*** up and you can't do anything about it, I told my father to tell them to give me a timeline and they can't, what the hell is that, no timeline so when will they even start? Next year? Or the year after? What rubbish is that, by the time they start the permit will have expired, it's only for one month, so I'm going to wait for them to get the permit again? And repeat the whole bullshit again?

I don't care anymore, if they can't do it, fine, I find someone else, just stop wasting my time, now this Sunday I will move in, really f*** up, the whole living room is a mess, the kitchen is a mess, just what the hell is that, I really can't wait anymore, can't wait to get out of my parents house. Sigh, shit. Now you know, just find someone you don't know, if they can't deliver according to contract, no need to talk so much, file a complaint at HDB, CASE, small claims and post their company name in forums, no need to give face.

25 June 2014

Time to Pay Income Tax Again!

Basket, this year tax so much, $493.48, sigh, last year still have 30% discount, this year no discount, NSman have $3000 relief, should give more, every year waste my time only relief so little bit, sigh, still have 3 more high-keys to go. This NS really nothing good to say about it, I wonder why some people love it so much, me, I do it because I have to do it, not because of anything else, it's that simple, if you ask me whether I like it or not, obviously I don't like it, if you ask me if I can choose not to do it or not, of course I won't do it, let the garang ones do it since they love it so much, but I bet you that if NS is by choice, then those garang people won't do it too, it' easy to say, when you do it haha, it's another story, just like how our fellow females say NS is good and bla bla bla but when asked if they would do it they say no LOL, talk is cheap.

Getting Annoyed with People Who Ask for (Free) Things

The day before there was this auntie, I think she was around 50 or 60+, when I was crossing the road she tried to intercept me but just nice my wife called me so I answered and then I crossed the road and headed to my HDB lift, I think she chased after me and as I entered the lift, another guy also entered the lift, then she appeared outside the lift and told both of us that she doesn't have money to buy medicine, the guy told her that he did not bring any money and before the auntie could react, the lift door closed and she walked away. Then this morning I saw her again, this time she was carrying two plastic bags, I think it was groceries, very strange.

Today I met one uncle that I saw a few weeks ago at my workplace area, that time he told me he was in difficulties, what difficulties he never say, anyway he asked for a cigarette so I gave him one, today he saw me again and he asked me for a cigarette again, I totally ignored him, I was thinking how come he doesn't find a job or what and just wander around, what good will that do, I'm not his saviour and you may say that I was stingy but think about it, I am not obligated to help him, he got to learn to help himself, and what can a cigarette do for him? And I thought our government has plenty of safety nets, how come he doesn't go to the community centre, town council or family centre for help? Hanging around at the same place and waiting for freebie is better?

Such events really make me rethink about giving people free stuff, you give them once and when they see you again they expect you to give again, it's ridiculous, I work hard for whatever that I want, I give out of sympathy but that doesn't mean I am their ATM card or Santa Claus.

Anyway it's not the first time people ask me for free stuff, I bet many people also encounter this, can't blame them for ignoring these people, it's the right thing to do, you got to let these people learn how to help themselves, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime", but sorry I don't have the time to teach, this is Singapore, every man for himself, it's a cold hard fact, and I'll probably never give anyone on the streets free stuff again, if you want you can sell me tissue, 3 packets for $1, fine, I might just buy it, but if you ask for it, no way in hell will I give.

24 June 2014

New Spectacles Got Scratches!

Wah shiat, waited eagerly for today and after I collected and went home to surf net then I noticed my right lens has a patch of scratches, can't see it if the light is not shining towards me, so when the monitor's light shines into my eyes, the patch is quite obvious, then I put my glasses under direct light and looked from under, wow, the patch is so obvious, no wonder I see blurry lights at certain angle, I think somebody didn't do their job properly, how can they hand over a product with poor workmanship, sigh, jia lat, how can anyone be so irresponsible, I am sure the one who scratched it knows, but just want to ship it out and get it over and done with, please, think anyone so blind to never notice it.

I really hate these type of people, they screw up and just keep quiet and let the snowball roll on, really scum of the earth.

23 June 2014

Good Increment and Bonus This Year

Got a $464 increment and a 2.9 months bonus, whew, guess I can hit my $4000 a month salary before 2018, now my salary is $3944, totally unexpected, but the bonus is slightly lower compared to last year, last year was 3.2 months, then again, 2.9 also good, even 2 also good, anyway I'm not relying on the bonus so it really is a bonus to me because when I plan my finances, I don't take into account my bonus, I find it safer this way.

But higher salary comes with higher responsibility, now my boss put me as a team lead for a new project, hope I don't screw up, but I don't think it's that difficult to do because I know the project quite well already, I'll just do what I always do, try my best.

HDB Approved My Renovation Permit

Today I checked it says approved, yes! I think they should start soon, father say probably takes between 2 to 3 days to complete, 1 day for hacking and clearing debris, 1 day for overlay flooring and 1 day buffer, I hope they can get it done soon and hopefully this weekend can move.

22 June 2014

My Wife is Considering Further Studies

Today we went to Golden Mile, at level 3 there is a branch of the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU), it's a distance learning university where students can sign up and study by themselves and then go for exams at PSB Academy, it's similar to the O/A Levels private candidates. There are also volunteers who have either completed the course or almost completing, they are there to help answer questions about the course.

My wife learnt about this school through her Facebook friend and so they decided to check it out together, and I tagged along because I was very skeptical about it, but well, after being there, seen the place and talked to one of the volunteers, the school seems reliable, I also did a check on the school via internet, found that it's one of Thailand's public universities. I was skeptical because the courses fees are ridiculously low, but then again it's distance learning so they don't have to pay for classrooms, teachers and equipment so I believe that's how they can offer a low course fee.

Every year there are two terms, each term is 6 months, and students need to complete between 20 to 24 modules to obtain a degree, students can take up to 3 modules per term, the fees for 3 modules each term is $330, you can choose to take one or two modules but it's cheaper if you take 3, following is more information:

  • 3 modules @ $330
  • 2 modules @ $285
  • 1 module @ $245

Please note that the pricing is as at 22 Jun 2014, they could revise the pricing next semester/year, anyway if you take 6 modules a year, total will be $660 a year which is very affordable.

I also learnt that there are 5 mandatory modules every student must take, English Communication, Thai Studies, Science and Technology, I don't know what's the other two though but seems like they have a foundation plan in place which I think is good.

Overall I think it's worth giving it a shot, if my wife can pass, then continue, if cannot, at most lose $330 and see whether she has the will to retake the exam. Studying is no easy task, it takes a lot of determination to push yourself through, I think most challenging is this kind of private candidate studies, you really need to be disciplined.

Bought My Curtain Set at IKEA and Giant

Father bought some special cleaning agent for us so we went to clean the windows yesterday, looks a bit better now, at least can see through the windows, previously so dirty due to the age-old dirt/grease, now okay but not superb, father recommend getting those glass cleaner to really give it a good look.

After cleaning, we went to IKEA at Tampines, bought a curtain rod set:

  • HUGAD Curtain rod @ $6.90
  • BETYDLIG Wall/ceiling bracket @ $5.80 ($2.90/piece)
  • VÄSENTLIG Finial @ $6.90
  • Total = $19.60

The bracket is the adhesive type using 3M technology so no need for drilling, so easy haha.

And Giant is right next to IKEA so we dropped by and bought a curtain for $16 so total spending for our curtain is $35.60. Oh we are only putting up curtain in our room, doesn't seem feasible to put it at the kitchen because our kitchen is small and it'll get dirty easily because my wife will be cooking there. As for living room, no point also because the window is the old flipping type so when it's closed it's really dark so no need for curtain.

20 June 2014

Cut My Hair and Got Myself a New Spectacle!

Cut my hair at the barber for $10, looks good! Also got myself a new spectacle for $155, nowadays the spectacle so expensive, my current one only costed me $90+, shows that things are getting more expensive, I hope my increment this year is good, and today company announced they will release increment details next Monday, hope more money!

Father's Company Finally Called Me

Today I received a call from his company, the lady told me that since there will be hacking, then they need to apply for permit, so she sent me a HDB renovation acknowledgement form to sign, also need a witness to fill in name and particulars, so I got my colleague to help me, I signed and sent back to her, hopefully she submitted today so I think by Monday they can start work. Father say should start on Monday and finish by Wednesday.

19 June 2014

Singaporean Getting Married in Thailand

Recently one of visitors asked me something regarding marrying in Thailand, today I found a comprehensive document that details the steps involved, hope it will help those who are looking for this information.

Marriage Registration Procedure in Thailand

I quote fully from the document as follow in case they change the file location:


Singaporeans who wish to register a marriage in Thailand would first need to execute an affidavit at Singapore Embassy in Bangkok. Please refer to the attached list of supporting documents required for executing the affidavit (Please download the attachment "Notice of Marriage (http://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/dam/mfa/images/om/bangkok/Register%20marriage%20in%20Thailand/Noticeformarriageupdated31May2013.pdf)"). Note: Letter from MOM is only applicable if your partner is a Thai National.

2 You can apply for the Certificate of Clearance (COC) directly with CID in Singapore. If you are applying it from Thailand, you can have your fingerprint impressions taken at the Police Clearance Service Centre located at Building 24, Royal Thai Police HQ, Rama 1, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 (tel: 02 205 2168), email: pcsc@police.go.th. For information on application for COC, pls refer to www.spf.gov.sg/epc/cert_issued.htm. It is indicated in the website that you can submit mailed application to SPF.  (Please download the attachment "fingerprint form for male ( http://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/dam/mfa/images/om/bangkok/Register%20marriage%20in%20Thailand/fingerprint%20form%20for%20male%202%20pages.pdf )" or "fingerprint form for female ( http://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/dam/mfa/images/om/bangkok/Register%20marriage%20in%20Thailand/finger%20print%20form%20for%20female%202%20pages.pdf )", where applicable.)

3 For information on application for ROM search result, pls refer to www.rom.gov.sg -> "Services" ->Search for Marriage Records" (do not select free search for marriage records as we need to have the search result in ROM's original letterhead). If you are based in overseas, ROM has indicated that you can submit online application for the search request and they will post the result to your overseas address as per your online instructions.

4 After you have obtained all the required documents, both you and your partner will need to bring them to the Embassy to execute an affidavit. Both of you must bring along your passports and identification cards. The affidavit can be processed on the same day. The fee for the affidavit is 100 Baht.

5 After you have obtained the affidavit from the Embassy, you will need to get it translated to Thai and send it to Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs for endorsement which may take 2 working days to complete. They do have express service for a surcharge.

6 Thereafter, you can register your marriage at any District Office (DO) of your choice. There is no fee involved when registering marriage at the DO.

Finally Completed My Posting Out Assignment

My boss posted me to another team to help out for 5 days, then they added one more day which is today, and finally it's all finished, hopefully they won't ask me to go back again, really don't like the work there, very messy. But overall, it's good for me as it will look good in my next year's performance review, more points haha.

Sigh, waiting for the bonus this month and increment next month, wonder how much I can get, but got some info that the increment this year will be good, see how.

18 June 2014

Married with Children and Still Natural to Fall in Love?


"Maids are human beings and we have feelings too. It is natural to fall in love," says Tara, who is married in the Philippines and has a four-year-old son with her Filipino husband.

"I still love my husband and my son. But I am all alone in Singapore and I need someone here too, because I need to stay and work here for many years to support my family back home."

Huh? She's already married and still needs another man to be there for her? I don't understand the logic, she got herself a boyfriend and isn't that considered cheating on her husband? If it's just a platonic relationship then I think it's fine but if you read the article, you can tell that the relationship is more than just friends.

How about her son, she said she still love her husband and son, so how can she do something like this? I really don't understand.

17 June 2014

Wah Tonight So Damn Hot

I turn the aircon at 22 degrees with full fan power still warm, my room thermometer shows 30.5 degrees right now, what the hell, just now it was 33, don't think my aircon is faulty, it's blowing out cool air, I think it will take longer to cool the room because outside is hot. Just now I went downstairs and it was warm, at night also warm, something really wrong with this weather, night should be cooling, downstairs totally no wind, sigh, jia lat, lucky still have aircon if not can melt to death.

House Flooring Still Not Started

It's been two weeks and my father's friend still have not start doing anything, not even applying for the permit, sigh, don't know when he can finish, father say by end of this month can move, I think by next month also not started, jia lat.

But at least the house looks much better now, painted, cleaned up the bedroom, my father removed the aluminium window frame today, he said looks brighter, the windows frames are really in the way, I think only good if you have kids but we don't have so can't wait to remove it. He also bought some special cleaning agent to clean the doors, the doors look like new now so no need to change.

Hope can get some good news about the floor this week.

15 June 2014

My Wife Sold Her Pink Bicycle for $130

We bought for $165 if I remember correctly, and also bought an air pump for $20+, the bicycle lock for $10 or $15, sold everything for $130. I think the condition is still good because my wife rarely used it, furthermore when we move to the new place, I don't think she will use it at all because our new place is quite hilly, nobody cycles there. My wife asked my father to help send it, she paid him $30 for the delivery, actually it's quite on the way for my father so I think $30 is still reasonable, so finally she got back $100, not bad.

My wife sold it to a Thai friend she met on Facebook, there is a page on Facebook for Thai people living in Singapore, they share job info, sell stuff and make friends, it's like a Thai social circle in Singapore. She met quite a few friends there, all married to Singaporean guys, all couples like us, actually quite interesting to know there are so many couples like us and I think it's good for my wife to make friends with them, they can help each other out if need be, and she won't feel bored when I am working, they even went out a few times together.

13 June 2014

Starhub 100Mbps Fibre Broadband Now $29.90

I signed up for the same plan last week and it was $39.90, today they have a promotion which runs until 15 June and the price is $10 cheaper, what the heck.

Anyway today the Starhub guy came to install the ONT, router and the free TV box but he can't test because the power socket near the TP is faulty so tomorrow I will drop by and test it myself, probably paint a little bit more to make the house look even nicer and then bring my wife to Chinatown. There is one Bak Kut Teh stall at Chinatown Complex, the soup is white pepper based and really power, the meat is really the Bak Kut, the big ribs, really solid, the sesame oil chicken also power, they got a few other dishes and I want to try it tomorrow.

10 June 2014

Signed Up for Starhub 100Mbps Fibre Broadband @ $39.90

Signed for my new home, my existing fibre and cable TV plan will transfer to my father, fortunately he is willing to take over since him and my mother are using so no need for me to transfer over to new home, that will be damn costly, few hundred bucks just to shift the service over, I sign up for new plan they provide everything for free, install the termination point (previous owner didn't take the free installation offer, puzzling right, free also don't want), activation, install router, even give me 16 free cable TV channels and a home line, but I told them to cancel the home line, totally no use to us.

So for those of you already on contract, please see whether you can transfer ownership to your family member before moving, you can do that, just need that person to go down with you to any Starhub shop to do the transfer so you can sign up for a new one, no need to shift the service to new place, they will charge you ridiculous amount of money for that.

Today Sheng Siong Really Sheng 升

Yesterday they announced that they will open a shop in Tampines Central, today their share price finally moved up after months of not much action, I think it's a good news for investors and shoppers alike, the location used to be an S-11 foodcourt, me and wife used to eat there after seeing the doctor at the polyclinic, oh the clinic is just about 100 meters away, just cross one road, and the Tampines North Community Centre is just opposite of the clinic.

S-11 Foodcourt

I think it's a really good location, that area is quite boring, the S-11 closed down already due to lacking business but now that Sheng Siong is going to open shop there, I think it will spring back to life, even their share price also spring back to life.

Sheng Siong at 0.645/0.650

And I really think this shop will bring in a lot of revenue for Sheng Siong, just look at the crowd in Tampines, damn scary, all the uncles and aunties will swarm there after their clinic visit, mind you, the clinic in Tampines is always super packed.

09 June 2014

Make Payment to SP Services Via DBS iBanking

I still have not sign up for the POSB Everyday Card recurring bills payment, want to wait until I receive the town council bill then sign both together. And I just receive my first SP bill, so I thought I might as well try paying via iBanking and I found the process to be very easy.

First you login to iBanking, then go to Payments > Bill Payment and find SP SERVICES, can follow the following image, once you have the same, click Submit:

Find SP Services

On the next screen, you select the Pay From, can be directly from your POSB/DBS account or from credit card, I charged to my Everyday card, then fill in the amount as stated in your bill, and the Consumer Reference No. refers to your SP Services account number. Once you fill in the info, just submit, finally I think there will be a confirmation, just submit again.

Fill in the info

I made the payment last Friday and today I can see it reflected in my SP Services page, done!

Paid on 06 Jun, reflected on 09 Jun

07 June 2014

Open Source Screen Capture Tool

Recently I was looking for a Snagit alternative and found this free software called Greenshot that can do whatever Snagit can do, if you are interested, go download it!

Washed My New Room Today

The painting work for our room is mostly completed, just need a few patch here and there, so today we flushed the room with water, only the flooring, then I scrubbed with some white cleaning agent, my wife used the dust pan as a squeegee to remove the water, I think the whole process took us almost 2 hours, damn shagged.

Actually we wanted to paint the kitchen but we ran out of emulsion, went to the shop nearby but they don't sell the same brand, father say must buy same brand if not colour might differ, so I didn't buy, he said he will buy on Monday and told us to clean the room instead.

After cleaning, I thought might as well wash the kitchen, I know we are going to overlay later but the sight of the flooring really disgusts me, so dirty, I flushed the flooring with water, and I found that kitchen flooring was easier to clean since the drainage is right there.

04 June 2014

Aircon Installed and Some Other Stuff

The aircon guys came around 11.30am, they finished installation at about 3.15pm, I think they did a good job, looks very nice and the aircon is cooling. Another team sent the fridge and washing machine but they came late at around 5.15pm due to heavy rain but never mind, most important is the fridge and washing looks good!

Today I also signed up for the 100Mbps Starhub fibre line, the installation is free, only have to pay $39.90, it also comes with free 16 channels cable tv and home phone line, but I cancelled the home line because me and wife only use handphone so really no use. They will install next Tuesday and Friday, OpenNet got to come first to bring the line in, Starhub later to setup the router, my wife will go on both days to open the door for them.

Just now we also bought a queen-size spring mattress for $280, includes delivery, like not a bad deal, don't know what brand though, wife say okay then I just buy haha, she keep saying she don't want the current mattress, keep asking me to buy a new one, I thought the current one is good. Also send on next Tuesday.

03 June 2014

Tomorrow Deliver Aircon, Fridge and Washing Machine!

They got a free slot tomorrow so they will deliver and install tomorrow, great, I took leave just for that haha, I think I will go early to do some painting and decide where to put the equipment, still not sure where to install the aircon.

02 June 2014

Paid $500 Deposit for Aircon, Fridge and Washing Machine

Bought at this super old store, opened for 30 over years, the owners are super friendly, they even have a website, the fridge and washing machine that they recommended my parents lasted for about 14 years so far and still working fine, fridge is Fisher & Paykel, washing machine is Hitachi. My parents recommend so should be good and I decided to buy from them.


I bought Mitsubishi Starmex system 2, compressor is MXY-2E20VA, the two wall mounted unit is MSY-GE10VA, $2270 for the hardware, installation and bracket, power switch no need because my father's friend do for me already (for $100). Originally it was $2380, I think because he knows my father for a long time so he gave discount.

Washing Machine

I bought Hitachi SF-80P for $450, it can load up to 8.0KG, I think it's really cheap, I checked at Gain City, the 7.5KG already cost $499! I think 8.0KG also just nice, the boss say can wash a lot of stuff including bedsheets and such, it does look quite big. This one I think boss also gave discount.


I bought Mitsubishi MR-F47 for $780, original price forgot how much, think it was $799, Gain City selling $939 and Courts $899? Not sure same model or not, but I know mine is 381L with 3 ticks, energy usage per year is 550 or 551 kWh, anyway I choose this one because the boss recommend, furthermore this fridge really big and deep, can put a lot of stuff, I think my wife will love this one.

So total is 2270+450+780=$3500, beautiful number, no gst, no cents and odd dollars, and way below my budget of $4000.

Roy Ngerng Managed to Raise $72,043.91


Wow, in a span of 4 days he managed to raise that much money for his coming court case, can see that there plenty of people who believes in what he fights for, but thing is defamation and speaking up for the people are two different things, I appreciate that he speaks up for everyone, but I do not condone defamation, and also I have no idea how Mr. Ravi is going to help him, I really think he should just let the case run its course without spending any money on legal defense, kind of pointless since the odds are stacked against him.

And he has my respect for publishing all the transactions of the funds that he received from the public, that is very responsible of him, I really like that, where else can you find such transparency?

Thinking again, our Mr. Lee really don't give face, aiyah why have to go so far to even bring it to the court, Roy is just an ordinary citizen like you and me, just think, how can we stand a chance? For a leader to sue an ordinary citizen is just mind-boggling, I know Mr. Lee is suing Roy by his personal capacity but who doesn't know Mr. Lee is our PM Lee? I respect our PM but this is just ridiculous, I'm not saying he should not stand up for himself, everyone has the right to stand up for himself, but he should have been more tactful when handling this issue, yes Roy wrote something that is too offending to brush aside, but why not ask him out and find out from him on why he wrote that, wouldn't that show how magnanimous our PM is? If you are a boss and your staff do something wrong, do you fire him on the spot (or later)? What happened to empathy? What happened to our kindness movement and all that crap? Sigh. No wonder our culture is getting worse, even our leader shows the kind of "You f*** with me I make sure you jia lat jia lat" kind of attitude.

I didn't donate but I wish Roy the best, I just don't want to waste the money because I really think there is nothing much to fight, I might as well donate to the tissue auntie right, $50 or even $10 means a lot to her.

01 June 2014

Selected Kitchen Floor Tiles Today

Yesterday damn tiring, painting looks easy but when you do it it's a different story, spent half a day painting the living room and bedroom with my wife, damn siong, and by the way one big bucket of emulsion is enough to paint the whole unit, I think afterwards still have leftover. Then his friend dropped by to measure the kitchen flooring and told us to select tiles today.

So today my father drove us to Gain City at Changi City Point, the aircon is really expensive, Mitsubishi Starmex system 2 with the compressor model MXY-2E20VA costs $2319, that's not the end, install bracket is additional $150, power switch is $300, thicker insulation is $80, another don't know what is $10 or $20, you add all together is around $2850, what the hell! My neighbourhood shop charges only $2350 including bracket, additional $200 if need to install power switch, anyway my father's friend already installed the power switch for me, only spent $100, he say material only $70, my father say just pay $30 for labour enough, his friend actually don't want to take the money but cannot make him work for nothing.

After that, we went to select tiles at Balestier, the shop name is Lian Seng Hin, my father's friend always order tiles there, they got quite a selection, we ended up choosing white homogeneous tile with some line pattern so it's not that slippery, one square foot is $2.60. My father estimate need about 150 pieces for my kitchen, he say if include labour cost, let's say one square foot $10, so estimate need $1500, and $500 to do everything else, hack the sink support, stove and etc, maximum $2000, sounds good and way lower than my budget.

Next we went to my father's working place to look at some material for the kitchen cabinet, he call it formosa or formega, can't hear him clearly, anyway that thing is for the table top and cabinet doors, many material and we haven't decide yet.

And maybe tomorrow my father will accompany us to the neighbourhood shop to buy aircon, fridge and washing machine, that one is an old shop, it's been there for a long time and my father knows the boss, maybe can get some discount if buy together.