Tomorrow Moving into New House!

Took IQ Test LOL

Flooring Works Still Not Started

Time to Pay Income Tax Again!

Getting Annoyed with People Who Ask for (Free) Things

New Spectacles Got Scratches!

Good Increment and Bonus This Year

HDB Approved My Renovation Permit

My Wife is Considering Further Studies

Bought My Curtain Set at IKEA and Giant

Cut My Hair and Got Myself a New Spectacle!

Father's Company Finally Called Me

Singaporean Getting Married in Thailand

Finally Completed My Posting Out Assignment

Married with Children and Still Natural to Fall in Love?

Wah Tonight So Damn Hot

House Flooring Still Not Started

My Wife Sold Her Pink Bicycle for $130

Starhub 100Mbps Fibre Broadband Now $29.90

Signed Up for Starhub 100Mbps Fibre Broadband @ $39.90

Today Sheng Siong Really Sheng 升

Make Payment to SP Services Via DBS iBanking

Open Source Screen Capture Tool

Washed My New Room Today

Aircon Installed and Some Other Stuff

Tomorrow Deliver Aircon, Fridge and Washing Machine!

Paid $500 Deposit for Aircon, Fridge and Washing Machine

Roy Ngerng Managed to Raise $72,043.91

Selected Kitchen Floor Tiles Today