04 June 2014

Aircon Installed and Some Other Stuff

The aircon guys came around 11.30am, they finished installation at about 3.15pm, I think they did a good job, looks very nice and the aircon is cooling. Another team sent the fridge and washing machine but they came late at around 5.15pm due to heavy rain but never mind, most important is the fridge and washing looks good!

Today I also signed up for the 100Mbps Starhub fibre line, the installation is free, only have to pay $39.90, it also comes with free 16 channels cable tv and home phone line, but I cancelled the home line because me and wife only use handphone so really no use. They will install next Tuesday and Friday, OpenNet got to come first to bring the line in, Starhub later to setup the router, my wife will go on both days to open the door for them.

Just now we also bought a queen-size spring mattress for $280, includes delivery, like not a bad deal, don't know what brand though, wife say okay then I just buy haha, she keep saying she don't want the current mattress, keep asking me to buy a new one, I thought the current one is good. Also send on next Tuesday.

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