22 June 2014

Bought My Curtain Set at IKEA and Giant

Father bought some special cleaning agent for us so we went to clean the windows yesterday, looks a bit better now, at least can see through the windows, previously so dirty due to the age-old dirt/grease, now okay but not superb, father recommend getting those glass cleaner to really give it a good look.

After cleaning, we went to IKEA at Tampines, bought a curtain rod set:

  • HUGAD Curtain rod @ $6.90
  • BETYDLIG Wall/ceiling bracket @ $5.80 ($2.90/piece)
  • VÄSENTLIG Finial @ $6.90
  • Total = $19.60

The bracket is the adhesive type using 3M technology so no need for drilling, so easy haha.

And Giant is right next to IKEA so we dropped by and bought a curtain for $16 so total spending for our curtain is $35.60. Oh we are only putting up curtain in our room, doesn't seem feasible to put it at the kitchen because our kitchen is small and it'll get dirty easily because my wife will be cooking there. As for living room, no point also because the window is the old flipping type so when it's closed it's really dark so no need for curtain.

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