26 June 2014

Flooring Works Still Not Started

Really can vomit blood, until now nothing is done, I don't even see the materials or anybody, what the hell man. Took them a few weeks just to apply for the permit, and when the permit is finally approved, no update no nothing, no material and nobody, nothing, damn f**king pissed off.

Now I know why my friends told me not to find people I know to do the renovation, in my case it's my father's friend, they f*** up and you can't do anything about it, I told my father to tell them to give me a timeline and they can't, what the hell is that, no timeline so when will they even start? Next year? Or the year after? What rubbish is that, by the time they start the permit will have expired, it's only for one month, so I'm going to wait for them to get the permit again? And repeat the whole bullshit again?

I don't care anymore, if they can't do it, fine, I find someone else, just stop wasting my time, now this Sunday I will move in, really f*** up, the whole living room is a mess, the kitchen is a mess, just what the hell is that, I really can't wait anymore, can't wait to get out of my parents house. Sigh, shit. Now you know, just find someone you don't know, if they can't deliver according to contract, no need to talk so much, file a complaint at HDB, CASE, small claims and post their company name in forums, no need to give face.

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