25 June 2014

Getting Annoyed with People Who Ask for (Free) Things

The day before there was this auntie, I think she was around 50 or 60+, when I was crossing the road she tried to intercept me but just nice my wife called me so I answered and then I crossed the road and headed to my HDB lift, I think she chased after me and as I entered the lift, another guy also entered the lift, then she appeared outside the lift and told both of us that she doesn't have money to buy medicine, the guy told her that he did not bring any money and before the auntie could react, the lift door closed and she walked away. Then this morning I saw her again, this time she was carrying two plastic bags, I think it was groceries, very strange.

Today I met one uncle that I saw a few weeks ago at my workplace area, that time he told me he was in difficulties, what difficulties he never say, anyway he asked for a cigarette so I gave him one, today he saw me again and he asked me for a cigarette again, I totally ignored him, I was thinking how come he doesn't find a job or what and just wander around, what good will that do, I'm not his saviour and you may say that I was stingy but think about it, I am not obligated to help him, he got to learn to help himself, and what can a cigarette do for him? And I thought our government has plenty of safety nets, how come he doesn't go to the community centre, town council or family centre for help? Hanging around at the same place and waiting for freebie is better?

Such events really make me rethink about giving people free stuff, you give them once and when they see you again they expect you to give again, it's ridiculous, I work hard for whatever that I want, I give out of sympathy but that doesn't mean I am their ATM card or Santa Claus.

Anyway it's not the first time people ask me for free stuff, I bet many people also encounter this, can't blame them for ignoring these people, it's the right thing to do, you got to let these people learn how to help themselves, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime", but sorry I don't have the time to teach, this is Singapore, every man for himself, it's a cold hard fact, and I'll probably never give anyone on the streets free stuff again, if you want you can sell me tissue, 3 packets for $1, fine, I might just buy it, but if you ask for it, no way in hell will I give.

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