23 June 2014

Good Increment and Bonus This Year

Got a $464 increment and a 2.9 months bonus, whew, guess I can hit my $4000 a month salary before 2018, now my salary is $3944, totally unexpected, but the bonus is slightly lower compared to last year, last year was 3.2 months, then again, 2.9 also good, even 2 also good, anyway I'm not relying on the bonus so it really is a bonus to me because when I plan my finances, I don't take into account my bonus, I find it safer this way.

But higher salary comes with higher responsibility, now my boss put me as a team lead for a new project, hope I don't screw up, but I don't think it's that difficult to do because I know the project quite well already, I'll just do what I always do, try my best.

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