18 June 2014

Married with Children and Still Natural to Fall in Love?


"Maids are human beings and we have feelings too. It is natural to fall in love," says Tara, who is married in the Philippines and has a four-year-old son with her Filipino husband.

"I still love my husband and my son. But I am all alone in Singapore and I need someone here too, because I need to stay and work here for many years to support my family back home."

Huh? She's already married and still needs another man to be there for her? I don't understand the logic, she got herself a boyfriend and isn't that considered cheating on her husband? If it's just a platonic relationship then I think it's fine but if you read the article, you can tell that the relationship is more than just friends.

How about her son, she said she still love her husband and son, so how can she do something like this? I really don't understand.

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