22 June 2014

My Wife is Considering Further Studies

Today we went to Golden Mile, at level 3 there is a branch of the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU), it's a distance learning university where students can sign up and study by themselves and then go for exams at PSB Academy, it's similar to the O/A Levels private candidates. There are also volunteers who have either completed the course or almost completing, they are there to help answer questions about the course.

My wife learnt about this school through her Facebook friend and so they decided to check it out together, and I tagged along because I was very skeptical about it, but well, after being there, seen the place and talked to one of the volunteers, the school seems reliable, I also did a check on the school via internet, found that it's one of Thailand's public universities. I was skeptical because the courses fees are ridiculously low, but then again it's distance learning so they don't have to pay for classrooms, teachers and equipment so I believe that's how they can offer a low course fee.

Every year there are two terms, each term is 6 months, and students need to complete between 20 to 24 modules to obtain a degree, students can take up to 3 modules per term, the fees for 3 modules each term is $330, you can choose to take one or two modules but it's cheaper if you take 3, following is more information:

  • 3 modules @ $330
  • 2 modules @ $285
  • 1 module @ $245

Please note that the pricing is as at 22 Jun 2014, they could revise the pricing next semester/year, anyway if you take 6 modules a year, total will be $660 a year which is very affordable.

I also learnt that there are 5 mandatory modules every student must take, English Communication, Thai Studies, Science and Technology, I don't know what's the other two though but seems like they have a foundation plan in place which I think is good.

Overall I think it's worth giving it a shot, if my wife can pass, then continue, if cannot, at most lose $330 and see whether she has the will to retake the exam. Studying is no easy task, it takes a lot of determination to push yourself through, I think most challenging is this kind of private candidate studies, you really need to be disciplined.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I too am considering a foreign wife...I think they are more down to earth definitely :)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, especially those from less developed areas, their expectations are lower compared to those from developed areas.