24 June 2014

New Spectacles Got Scratches!

Wah shiat, waited eagerly for today and after I collected and went home to surf net then I noticed my right lens has a patch of scratches, can't see it if the light is not shining towards me, so when the monitor's light shines into my eyes, the patch is quite obvious, then I put my glasses under direct light and looked from under, wow, the patch is so obvious, no wonder I see blurry lights at certain angle, I think somebody didn't do their job properly, how can they hand over a product with poor workmanship, sigh, jia lat, how can anyone be so irresponsible, I am sure the one who scratched it knows, but just want to ship it out and get it over and done with, please, think anyone so blind to never notice it.

I really hate these type of people, they screw up and just keep quiet and let the snowball roll on, really scum of the earth.


Anonymous said...

For new specs U can go back and ask them fr replacement as there is usually some warranty. If dealer is ngeow, then boh pian. My own experience i drop my specs n there was a very small chip on the side dont affect the vision. I went back to the shop after 6mths n they replace one side foc. They say goodwill. Good luck.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yesterday after I collected and noticed the defect, I went back immediately, the shop owner was apologetic, said she will send it back to workshop and call me once it's ready. Thanks.