02 June 2014

Paid $500 Deposit for Aircon, Fridge and Washing Machine

Bought at this super old store, opened for 30 over years, the owners are super friendly, they even have a website, the fridge and washing machine that they recommended my parents lasted for about 14 years so far and still working fine, fridge is Fisher & Paykel, washing machine is Hitachi. My parents recommend so should be good and I decided to buy from them.


I bought Mitsubishi Starmex system 2, compressor is MXY-2E20VA, the two wall mounted unit is MSY-GE10VA, $2270 for the hardware, installation and bracket, power switch no need because my father's friend do for me already (for $100). Originally it was $2380, I think because he knows my father for a long time so he gave discount.

Washing Machine

I bought Hitachi SF-80P for $450, it can load up to 8.0KG, I think it's really cheap, I checked at Gain City, the 7.5KG already cost $499! I think 8.0KG also just nice, the boss say can wash a lot of stuff including bedsheets and such, it does look quite big. This one I think boss also gave discount.


I bought Mitsubishi MR-F47 for $780, original price forgot how much, think it was $799, Gain City selling $939 and Courts $899? Not sure same model or not, but I know mine is 381L with 3 ticks, energy usage per year is 550 or 551 kWh, anyway I choose this one because the boss recommend, furthermore this fridge really big and deep, can put a lot of stuff, I think my wife will love this one.

So total is 2270+450+780=$3500, beautiful number, no gst, no cents and odd dollars, and way below my budget of $4000.


Leena said...

Hi, may I know the shop name and location? Thanks

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Leena,

The shop name is Etronin Home Appliances Service & Trading Pte Ltd.

Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4 #01-287 Singapore 520801.