01 June 2014

Selected Kitchen Floor Tiles Today

Yesterday damn tiring, painting looks easy but when you do it it's a different story, spent half a day painting the living room and bedroom with my wife, damn siong, and by the way one big bucket of emulsion is enough to paint the whole unit, I think afterwards still have leftover. Then his friend dropped by to measure the kitchen flooring and told us to select tiles today.

So today my father drove us to Gain City at Changi City Point, the aircon is really expensive, Mitsubishi Starmex system 2 with the compressor model MXY-2E20VA costs $2319, that's not the end, install bracket is additional $150, power switch is $300, thicker insulation is $80, another don't know what is $10 or $20, you add all together is around $2850, what the hell! My neighbourhood shop charges only $2350 including bracket, additional $200 if need to install power switch, anyway my father's friend already installed the power switch for me, only spent $100, he say material only $70, my father say just pay $30 for labour enough, his friend actually don't want to take the money but cannot make him work for nothing.

After that, we went to select tiles at Balestier, the shop name is Lian Seng Hin, my father's friend always order tiles there, they got quite a selection, we ended up choosing white homogeneous tile with some line pattern so it's not that slippery, one square foot is $2.60. My father estimate need about 150 pieces for my kitchen, he say if include labour cost, let's say one square foot $10, so estimate need $1500, and $500 to do everything else, hack the sink support, stove and etc, maximum $2000, sounds good and way lower than my budget.

Next we went to my father's working place to look at some material for the kitchen cabinet, he call it formosa or formega, can't hear him clearly, anyway that thing is for the table top and cabinet doors, many material and we haven't decide yet.

And maybe tomorrow my father will accompany us to the neighbourhood shop to buy aircon, fridge and washing machine, that one is an old shop, it's been there for a long time and my father knows the boss, maybe can get some discount if buy together.

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