10 June 2014

Today Sheng Siong Really Sheng 升

Yesterday they announced that they will open a shop in Tampines Central, today their share price finally moved up after months of not much action, I think it's a good news for investors and shoppers alike, the location used to be an S-11 foodcourt, me and wife used to eat there after seeing the doctor at the polyclinic, oh the clinic is just about 100 meters away, just cross one road, and the Tampines North Community Centre is just opposite of the clinic.

S-11 Foodcourt

I think it's a really good location, that area is quite boring, the S-11 closed down already due to lacking business but now that Sheng Siong is going to open shop there, I think it will spring back to life, even their share price also spring back to life.

Sheng Siong at 0.645/0.650

And I really think this shop will bring in a lot of revenue for Sheng Siong, just look at the crowd in Tampines, damn scary, all the uncles and aunties will swarm there after their clinic visit, mind you, the clinic in Tampines is always super packed.

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