07 June 2014

Washed My New Room Today

The painting work for our room is mostly completed, just need a few patch here and there, so today we flushed the room with water, only the flooring, then I scrubbed with some white cleaning agent, my wife used the dust pan as a squeegee to remove the water, I think the whole process took us almost 2 hours, damn shagged.

Actually we wanted to paint the kitchen but we ran out of emulsion, went to the shop nearby but they don't sell the same brand, father say must buy same brand if not colour might differ, so I didn't buy, he said he will buy on Monday and told us to clean the room instead.

After cleaning, I thought might as well wash the kitchen, I know we are going to overlay later but the sight of the flooring really disgusts me, so dirty, I flushed the flooring with water, and I found that kitchen flooring was easier to clean since the drainage is right there.

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