2014 Hungry Ghost Festival

Just now my father dropped by with a package of offerings for the spirits, it's a combination of hell bank notes, Yuan Bao (Sycee), joss sticks and red candles, personally I don't believe but my father say regardless of whether I believe or not, no harm doing the offering. So me and wife went downstairs our HDB block, there is an open grass patch and there are two containers for people to burn the offerings, I think the spirits can only receive it after we burn it or something like that. By the way, according to the Lunar calendar, today is the first day of 7th month, 10 Aug is the 15th of 7th month, 15th is the day when the gates of hell open, so I think we are making an offering in advance.

Then just now when we were at the container, one Ah Ma was preparing her stuff, my wife kicked off the burning by dropping in the Yuan Bao, and the Ah Ma was mumbling and looking at us, heard from my father that she was speaking in Hainanese, we are Hokkiens so we have no idea what she was saying, then a young man came along and spoke to her in Hainanese, the Ah Ma sounded unhappy so we asked the young man what she was saying, he said that the Ah Ma came first and we cut her queue by burning first, my father then told her that the container is for public use, and I was thinking there's only her and us, and the container is so big, can't we share it, must one group burn first before another group start? In the end we shifted to another container, I really don't understand what's the problem, what cut queue, container so big and she wants it all for herself, more like selfish.

Anyway I was feeling edgy because I didn't sleep well yesterday night, the neighbour above made noises until 4am, I guess my HDB report didn't work, so what shall I do next? I can't be sleeping at the same time as they do, 4am, what the hell were they doing, I even heard kids running in the middle of the night, what were the kids doing up so late at 2am, 3am, sigh, next time buy house must buy the highest floor, if I'm at the top, people will be at my mercy, rather than I be at other's mercy.


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