Bought 10 Lots of Cambridge Industrial Trust at $0.735

A few minutes before closing I quickly went in to buy 10 lots, tomorrow is exclude dividend date which means any shares that I buy today will be eligible for their recently declared dividend of $0.01251 per share, to be paid on 10 Sep 2014. I have no idea why but after looking at their price today, which is down 1.342% from yesterday, I have a gut feel that the price will go up tomorrow, and I will sell it within this week for a quick buck, let's see.


Anonymous said…
These are my humble thoughts.
1. Reits are invested primarily for dividend yield.
2. Usually after ex-date, price will normally be adjusted to reflect the dividend paid.
3. If you like to check out any company historical prices prior to investing there are many in the web. Below is just but 1 of the many.
(btw I don't work for shareinvestor but do purchase their print copy just for basic reference)

Good Luck & happy investing.
Hey, thanks for the tips and noted ;)

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