20 July 2014

Bought Our Sofa and My Office Chair at IKEA

Today my father came to finish up the kitchen cabinet, now it's fully completed, I think it looks really nice, all for $600, special price for me. And see the top used to be showing the pipes, now it's all covered up.

Kitchen Cabinet

He also built a small green cabinet to cover the rubbish chute, it is on the right door, left door can keep stuff and that cabinet spot used to be the kitchen sink, the washing machine spot used to be the ancient-looking stove, now it's all gone, see how much difference it made after we removed it. By the way this green cabinet is free, no need to pay money because my father used leftover materials to build it.

Custom-Built Cabinet for Rubbish Chute

After the cabinets were done, we went straight to IKEA and bought our sofa and my swivel chair. For sofa, we made our decision rather quickly because my wife was not sure which one to get, all seems nice to her, so I called the shot and bought a 3-seater black-coloured leather sofa for $899. I know it's good immediately when I sat on it, my wife also felt comfortable, so no need to think so much, just buy.

SKOGABY 3-Seater Black

I bought my swivel chair for $139, I think it is comfortable and I like it because I can sit crossing my legs on top, lucky I took a closer look and found this, almost wanted to buy another MARKUS brand for $299, that one is very comfortable but problem is I cannot sit crossing my legs because it has got armrests. And I don't understand how come some chairs were selling for $300+ to almost $500 and they don't feel comfortable at all, who would buy, I thought most important thing is comfort, no?


And if you are interested to see how my house looks like when I first bought it, can check out this post.

Oh and screw Courts again, I bought my sofa and office chair at IKEA, my microwave oven at OG, so congratulations on losing a potential buyer because you have no idea how you should run your business, bye bye and never see you again!


John Lim said...

Well done! Really impressive to change so many things and still within your budget

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi John,

Thanks for dropping by, yeah I'm glad we managed to get it done without getting into debt, and home sweet home!