25 July 2014

Channel 8 Crimewatch Just Now: Love Scam

A girl met a hunk named Adam through a social media, the girl fell in love with the guy, obviously because of his good looks and also because she thinks he is well-to-do, but she never met him in person, they only exchanged pictures.

So one day, the guy sent her his naked photo, showed her his private part and asked her to send hers, she agreed and did what he said. After a while, the guy told her that he wants her to meet his friend, she told her she only want him, and after some persuasion, she agreed to meet his friend.

She went to the meeting point and tried to contact Adam, then a guy approached her and told her that he is Adam's friend, she tried to leave but that guy took out his smart phone and showed her naked photo, that guy then told her to follow him and they went to a hotel. She was promised an exchange for her photos for sex, she reluctantly agreed.

After the event at the hotel, Adam contacted her and told her his friend had a good time and he also sent her naked photo, she was shocked and believed that Adam must have kept a backup. She went to the police, eventually that guy was caught, Adam was none other than the same guy who extorted her. End of story.

I can't believe someone can be so naive, so foolish. Do not succumb to threats, this is Singapore, if you sense any danger, just call the police, just shout for help. And don't meet strangers alone, bring a friend or family, if your "boyfriend" is so nice, I'm sure he won't mind someone extra. Think.

And this kind of sex predator scum bags should be hanged, our laws should be much harsher on them, what do you think jail term or caning can do to them, out of 10, how many will repent? Even if 9 will repent, you still have 1 sex predator and this trash will go around terrorizing innocent people, if it were up to me, death sentence if convicted, no appeal, put him in jail also waste taxpayers' money, waste my money, why the hell should I feed them?

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