Father's Friend Haven't Collect Money from Me

Renovation completed but never ask me for payment haha, my father asked him how much he refuse to say, do have to chase him, pay money also have to chase him lol. Anyway I prepared $2000 for the whole thing, my father say probably around $1500, any amount left I give my father for his help with doing up the kitchen cabinet. He also built a small cupboard for my rubbish chute to conceal it, can put things on top and there's two doors, one is for the rubbish chute another is to keep stuff, maybe can put the detergent i.e. the chemical stuff there.

I also asked him to build another cupboard, maybe a bigger one so I can put beside my fridge in the living room, can put rice cooker, electric kettle, glasses and jug of plain water there. My father say he can always build the wood stuff for me because his factory has plenty of materials not in use, usually buy already but never use or do already customer don't want to pay so it just sits there. Like that I can save a lot of money, if buy one decent cupboard at IKEA it will cost hundred or more.


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