Finally Confirmed Renovation Flooring Price

My father informed me that his friend will collect $1600 for the flooring works, way below the amount that I expected, I set aside $2000 so now I can save $400. I also checked with my father whether his friend made a loss, he said his friend only collected about $200 for his own transportation and the logistic stuff, the rest are for materials and labour, so basically he didn't earn anything.

I think his friend also find it difficult to set a price, they are friends for 30 over years, if it was me, I think I would probably also find it hard to take money from an old friend, I won't mind absorbing all the cost if I can afford it. But of course we can't let his friend pay for everything, people do something for me, I must pay them accordingly, if they don't want to make a profit out of goodwill for us, fine, at least take the money to cover the costs, no such thing as do everything for free.

And now that I saved $400, I will give my father $100 as referral fee, and also just now I brought my wife out for a hearty lunch since she was always asking me to bring her to eat sushi, so we went to Sakae and I told her to order whatever she wants to eat, bill came at $78.01, eat until so full, but very enjoyable as we don't normally let loose and eat like crazy, once in a long time is okay. As for the rest of the extra money, I will save it up for investment.


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