11 July 2014

Going to Receive My First Adsense Cheque!

I have been running this blog since Feb 2011, finally I'm going to receive my first cheque, but it's not strange that it took me so long because if you look at my blog archive, you will see that I started posting regularly only in 2013, and it's only in that year that my earnings started to increase tremendously, so more posts obviously will bring in more visitors for me and I also have to thank my visitors for supporting me regardless of whether they are spammers or genuine visitors haha.

Initially I thought I would only get my first cheque at the end of this year but I got more visitors in recent months so it really helps with the earnings, I think at current rate, I can probably get one cheque every 8 to 9 months, by the way Google will send out a cheque when my earnings hit $100 USD, so it's around that amount every time they send, not a big amount but better than nothing and I will keep the money for investment.

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