21 July 2014

Just Received the PR In-Principal Approval Letter

First thing that comes to my mind is how much will it cost, according to the letter, it says in order to get the PR, my wife needs to complete formalities, provide 2 passport sized photographs taken in last 3 months, $5 for 4 pieces at ICA building, do a medical checkup, should be around $50 for TB scan and HIV test, $100 for entry permit, $50 for 5 years re-entry permit (leaving and entering Singapore for multiple journeys), $50 for identity card, I think it's the blue card, so total is 5+50+100+50+50=$255, wow, kind of pricey but well, PR has its perks so I think it's worth paying.

Update: Just finished filling up the medical report part and remembered that my wife went for checkup in Nov or Dec 2012 when she renewed her LTVP so no need to checkup again since the report is valid for 2 years, the PR letter also say no need if the report was submitted to ICA no more than 2 years, so can save $50 ;)


SK said...

Hi Admin,
it's me again, just finished with the completion of formality with ICA.
Did the payment for entry permit, 5yr re-entry permit and the identity card.
Separately booked appointment for collection of the IC in Oct (earliest available date).

I tried to register for Singpass for my wife, but the system prompt "details doesn't exist in system", able to advise whether is it a technical glitch or do I need to wait till i collected the IC before i could register for Singpass for my wife?


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi SK,

I think need to wait until she get the IC, I also wait for my wife's IC to arrive before I apply for her.

SK said...

Hi Admin,
thanks for replying. I called ICA, they told me to wait about 3 days to allow the info to be processed. Tried yest and the system acknowledged. Yay!!.