Managed to Fix My Toilet Leak

Yesterday my wife was complaining of a leak in our main toilet, I checked and it was dripping a little so I opened up the cistern and found that the water level was higher than the drainage.

Unscrew The Flush Button

Flush Button Exposed

Remove the Cistern Cover

Inside the Cistern

The water will enter the cistern through the L-shaped piped, the red box is the water lock, when the water level reaches a certain level, it will push up the black ball, and it will lock that part so that water will stop entering, obviously it's meant to prevent the water from overflowing, and how strong the flush will be is also dependent on how you set this lock, you can release to raise water level so that flush will be stronger, or tighten to reduce water level but flush will be weaker.

The Water Entry Pipe

This is the big black ball that floats on the water, the red box is the water drainage to drain off excess water.

Black Ball and Drainage

Our dripping problem was due to the water level being at the same level as the drainage, so whenever we shake the cistern when sitting down, water will drip, but as you can see now, the water level is now much lower than the drainage so it won't leak anymore, what I did it was to slightly tighten the lock to reduce the water level and that's it, no need to call my father, I think if you engage plumber, they will probably charge you at least $50 for transport and service.


Unknown said…
Plumbing-related problems can be daunting and messy. It's good that you've successfully fixed it, even without a plumber’s help. Though I would still suggest having it checked by someone, should the problem happen again.

Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

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