18 July 2014

My Wife Fell Sick

I was sick on Tuesday, I think I spread the virus to her but I have no idea how, I was careful not to share utensils or anything with her but somehow she still got it, now she's complaining of body ache, sore throat, cold, same symptoms as me and unfortunately the clinic at our neighbourhood is not available on Friday nights, so no choice tomorrow morning then I bring her to see the doctor.

But I think a lot of people are affected especially with the recent rainy days, must have helped to spread the virus, two people in my office also fell ill, I think during rainy days have to put on mask, virus everywhere.


Anonymous said...

To increase your immunity, eat papaya 3 times a week, Eat a large piece, go NTUC to buy,not those small pieces u see selling at food court. Try it and see for yourself for a period of time. You will be amaze that u can hardly got flu. My doctor friend told me this, I cannot remeber the last time I got flu, and so is all my family. I teach them to eat papaya. So imple , us say. Yes, it is. Like u marry yr wife. LOL

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, later I go buy papaya haha, flu is so annoying, worse thing is can spread.