Neighbour Above Throw Cigarette Butt

This is the second time, first time the butt flew in to my room as I didn't close the window, I didn't take a picture that time as I was renovating, now it landed on my aircon compressor and it burnt through the foam shielding that my wife put on, lucky it doesn't cost money.

My Aircon Compressor

Closer Shot

Now I'm not sure who threw it, there are so many levels above me, I think even if I put a camera also no point, unless I put it behind my block aiming up, maybe can catch the culprit. Anyway I wonder what my options are, complain to town council? Call police? I wonder if they will bother since I cannot identify the culprit.

I hope this f**ker kena cancer, smoke more, die early please, scum bag litterbug.

Update: I reported to NEA under Fire Hazard and they referred to SCDF, wow. Anyway I hope they install more cameras to catch these f**kers, fine them until their underwear and panties drop.

Report Fire Hazard


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