15 July 2014

On MC Today

Yesterday night was bad, I hardly slept at all, I think it was because I took the Panadol Extra, it contains Caffeine and I think that was why I could not sleep, it's more for day use to keep you awake if you want to continue working, better not eat before sleeping. And because I felt alert, the noise from above my flat is so loud and clear in the middle of the night, especially my neighbour right on top, their aircon is so loud, like the plane engine, theirs is an old aircon, I think at least 7 or 8 years old, the base of the compressor has rusted so badly and their aircon is leaking water onto my compressor, I had hoped that their aircon would break down so they would get a new one, so damn noisy.

This morning I went to see the GP at my neighbourhood for the first time, I can use my company healthcare card there so I don't need to pay any cash, I was there at about 8.40am, waited until about 9.20am then the doctor came, and waited another 30 minutes before my turn, I was the 4th patient, this doctor really takes her time to talk to patient unlike my previous GP, go in 1 minute come out. I think female doctors are much nicer, she also gave me a bunch of medicine, for cough, blocked nose, runny nose, fever, antibiotics and lozenges, my previous GP would probably just give me antibiotics, cough medicine and paracetamol.

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