04 July 2014

Renovation Mostly Done

Today my father came and installed the top part of the cabinet, the whole set looks really nice, he did it alone though, his friend supposed to help him but maybe busy and didn't come, anyway now left the shielding for the middle part, just need to put a smooth surface wood so that water won't splash on the wall.

His friend still didn't come to clear the leftover flooring materials, think he will come tomorrow but not sure what time, if can clear tomorrow then I can put my fridge and dining table outside, now I have an idea of the living room layout, just need the space to try it out. Because my living room is the long type, I intend to put the fridge by the wall, next I put the dining table then sofa facing the TV, the TV back will face the window, then just nice, have a pathway from door to kitchen, swee!

By the way the tempered glass dining table I intend to put outside, don't really like it as my computer desk, looks good but problem is a bit too big and bottom there's a small compartment so when I raise my thigh I will hit the compartment, very uncomfortable since I have to be careful, a computer desk is supposed to let me feel relaxed and not feel afraid to break things.

Tomorrow will go IKEA to buy some stuff, got to buy the towel bar so we can put our towels outside, my wife like to hang it on the wardrobe door, so annoying >_<.

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