Sold My 4 Lots of Sheng Siong at $0.70

Overall profit is $387.27, about 15.49% of the cost price, not bad. I sold because I don't think it can go any higher, anyway hard to say, every time I sell a stock, the price go up haha. Now I have some spare cash, not sure what to buy, everything seems so expensive, but I'm looking at F&N, if it can go below $3, I will wait and see, CIMB target price is $2.66 but I really don't think it's so worthless, their financials is good, and I think people scared to buy because they are worried that there is not much growth for F&N, but I like this company, I also like their products, see how, anyway I won't be buying anything anytime soon, just wait and see.


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