27 July 2014

Went to Talk to Neighbour Above

Before I went up, I spoke to the an elderly lady living two units away, I asked if she heard any noises yesterday night and she said she didn't, I guess her unit is too far away. She told me the unit above mine is a Malay unit, since this month is their fasting month, they probably get up early to prepare for prayers, but I told her that surely they don't need to be awake from 12am to 4am, she smiled and agreed with me, I also asked whether they have baby and she said yes, no wonder we heard little footsteps running about, she also told me to speak to them nicely.

I went up with my wife, my wife was hiding beside, first thing I saw when I peeked in was a cute little baby watching television, there was no one else and the baby was knocking on the ground with an object, I can't see clearly as their unit was dark even when light was shining in, not sure why Malays like to have dark rooms, my previous owner is also a Malay, his unit was also very dark because he painted purple and dark green so the rooms look dark even when light is on, and now I know who is playing with the wooden ball, and all that knocking, the baby is the culprit! Hmmm, how to get angry with a baby, he/she is probably only 1-2 years old.

Then I saw a man in the kitchen, he has tattoo on both of his hands, damn scary, so I knocked softly on the door and I told him I am his neighbour living below, I said yesterday night was noisy due to knocking, he said it was his baby, I told him I understand but at 4am we also need to sleep, he said ok, I assume he got it and I left. I'm thinking why the heck were they awake at such late hours, even the baby, running around at that kind of timing, don't the baby need to sleep?

But one good thing is at least the baby don't make noises during weekdays, weekdays also make noise then no need to work, everyday go to work like a zombie, this morning I felt damn stoned, so damn tired, sigh, weekend also cannot rest.

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