Wife's PR Application Approved!

Wow, what a pleasant surprise when I log in to ICA iEnquiry today, I have been checking almost everyday for the past 8 months, finally today I see "Approved" and not "Pending", haha.

PR Approved!

I think it was approved this week but not sure which day because I have not been checking earlier this week as I was quite busy at work, reach home also forget, now we just need to wait for the official approval letter from ICA, should receive it soon.

Ahhhh, finally, by the way this was our second try, first time was in 2011 right after election, well you probably can guess why it was rejected, then we tried again in Oct 2013, finally we got it, thanks to whoever approved it, long wait though, Oct 2013 until Jul 2014, about 8-9 months.


Sim said…
Congrats! On cloud nine!
Sim said…
Congrats! On cloud nine!
SK said…
Congrats !!
Arthur said…
Congrats :')
Unknown said…
congra, I married a malaysian Malay, and that was 20 yrs ago.My wife got her PR easily, and then later she was invited to apply for citizenship. She is a Singapore citizen for 18 yrs now. Next is faster apply for citizenship.

I think have to wait at least 2 years before applying for citizenship, but we'll see how in 5 years time, since my wife got her PR, my target next is to have a baby!
Anonymous said…
How long did your wife stayed in sg before getting pr?
Anonymous said…
congrats, how did you first meet your wife ? how do you converse in her? you can speak issan ? your wife from udon thani ?
Hi, you can check out my About Us page, all you need to know is there ;)

Anyway we speak English, I can't speak Thai, just a few words here and there and yes, she is from Udon Thani.
Anonymous said…
thanks and I have read the about us. I think I should go MBK and take a walk during my frequent visit to thailand.

How many time does your wife go back udon to visit her family a year? do you follow her back ?
Yeah, who knows you might meet someone you like.

Maybe once or twice every 2 years, yeah I go with her as a holiday.
Anonymous said…
sometimes couples do quarrel , when you quarrel with your wife, does your wife scold you back in thai ?
We don't really quarrel, if we are not happy with each other, we simply don't talk, maybe after a few hours either she will give in and approach me or vice-versa, and no, she doesn't scold me in Thai haha.
Anonymous said…
sometimes your wife got jio you go golden mile eat thai food bo ?
I don't like to go there, usually she go with her friends, all her friends also married to sg guys. I also find the things there expensive.
Anonymous said…
yes the food there is expensive and overrated. There got alot thai girls to see.
your wife have thai female friends in singapore ? how they know each other ?
is like a so call gathering session huh ?
They know through facebook, sometimes they meet and go eat together, all not working.
Anonymous said…
I learned that you bought house, may I know when did you change your address to ICA? Is it before or after the approval.. Thank you!

FYI we bought bto 3 years ago but haven't move in, I just wondering if ICA will check if we bought property or not, I apply PR few months ago, still using parent in law address.

If you are staying at parent place, then no need to change, after you move house then you change.
Anonymous said…
Bro my wife PR also just approved Liao.. We waited since last year October.. Hahaa that's super long
Long wait never mind, most important is approve haha. Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Thanks man! Glad to have like minded friends here who are applying PR for their wife. wish everyone good luck! :)
Anonymous said…
Hello there!

I hopped by a couple of times during the application of my husband’s LTVP application early last year.

Today, I’m here to share that his PR has been approved after 7 months. 1st application! Waiting for the IPA letter rn.

Would also like to thank you for such informative blog.

Wish you well in your endeavours! (And your new job, hahaha I need to change my job soon too man)
Thanks for coming back to share your success, I’m sure it will help bring hope to those who are walking the same path. All the best!

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