Wife's PR is Still Pending

From October last year until now is about 8 months, I wonder when we can get the result, how come they need so long to determine whether my wife can get PR or not, or maybe too many people applying for PR, so much that they are overloaded.

But actually when I think about it, it doesn't really make a hell lot of difference whether she is on PR or LTVP+, yeah with PR see doctor will be cheaper, can get rebate for HDB, much easier to find work, renew every 5 years, what else, all these are not going to make a hell lot of difference because it's just too expensive to live in Singapore, and so stressful here.

I am dreaming of one day when I can rent out my flat, have some dividends from stocks, some income from this blog, and then I go live in Thailand at my wife's house, I will do some farming for income, but mainly to keep myself active, or probably teach people computing if there is a demand, and then take my own sweet time to enjoy life, go tour the countryside, everyday just relax, here not possible unless I am filthy rich but it's very possible in Thailand.


Anonymous said…
Hi bro,

My Thai Wife got her PR exactly 4 months after the 1st Appt. But of course, the main difference in our case is that we already have a 1 year old little Singaporean baby.

Stay positive and she will get it soon. Otherwise, LTVP+ also can la, no biggie, still can get subsidy during baby delivery in Govt hospitals. :)

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