Yesterday I Lodged a Report with HDB Regarding Neighbour Above

I was very hesitant, not sure if I should look for the owner directly or what, let me share our experience first and you'll see why I decided to get HDB to deal with it.

We moved into the house almost one month ago, wow, new house, so happy, but little did we know that the neighbour directly above has a plane engine for aircon, it's very old and rusty at the bottom, and the piping are exposed and dripping water all the time, it drips to our compressor, and I'm not sure what damage that might cause, but well, I'm also not sure what damage rain might cause, anyway that's not a big deal, the big deal is their compressor, I think it vibrates too much, so much that it shakes our ceiling, we can hear it in our bedroom, living room, kitchen, and toilets, it resonates throughout our flat and it's even worse in the middle of the night, and when I say it shakes our ceiling, yes it literally shakes our ceiling, we even removed the lighting cover in our bedroom or else it will make even more noise. Seriously I'm a bit worried that my ceiling might collapse if this goes on.

That's not the end of it, throughout the day and even night, even at 12am+, someone will drop a ball, I think it's a wooden ball, and then it will bounce a few times and stop, and then that person will repeat, it's really loud and annoying. And then last Saturday, at about 2am we heard people dropping and dragging stuff, some banging, it continued all the way to almost 3am and finally it stopped, then we probably fell asleep at 4am.

Guess how I feel, I don't look like I'm angry but deep inside I'm burning man, if I go up, I'm not sure if I can control my emotions and handle the situation amicably, but I just moved here so if possible of course I want to maintain harmony but this is something that everyone has to play a part, so I thought I might as well let HDB know, I'm sure they are very experienced with this kind of stuff and they would definitely know how best to deal with the situation.

And my HDB officer was damn efficient, yesterday night I emailed him, this afternoon he came down to my unit and gave me a call while I was at work, he told me that I just moved here, try not to sour the relationship and also this kind of issue is very sensitive, if not handled properly, people will be unhappy, then everyone will be unhappy, I agree and then he said he will speak to the unit above and hope they can understand, he also spoke to my neighbour beside, I think he was trying to find out if other units are affected.

Actually I don't mind compromising, they should stop playing with the ball, at the very least don't play with it at night, and stop whatever party they were having in the middle of the night, 2am man, weekend doesn't mean I don't need to sleep, this is residential area, not Zouk, aircon can slowly fix, best is to replace, it's so old and noisy, I think fix also waste money, heard from my mom that cleaning compressor costs around $500 or more, replacing I think also not cheap, not sure how much though, but if it were me, I think I will explore replacing compressor, if cannot, then just change the damn thing.


Anonymous said…
So how your story ended ? I am curious. Coz I am facing the same air-plane-engine compressor problem too.
In the end we just bear with it and pray that their aircon break down soon, after all it's noisy because there is something wrong somewhere, but as time goes by somehow we got used to the noise, nowadays don't really bother us much.

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