03 August 2014

IKEA Meatballs Okay

This morning me and wife went to have our "brunch" at IKEA, unfortunately we were a bit late for their breakfast menu, I wanted to eat their toast set but anyway I took 15 pieces of their famous Swedish meatballs for $8, 4 veggie spring rolls for $2, two Sunkist bottled orange juice for $2, a chicken cordon bleu for $7.50, a poached salmon for $7.90 and a almond cake for $3, all for $30.40 GST included and no service charge, it's all self-service so obviously there should be no service charge.

The meatballs were okay, that was my second time and my wife's first time eating it, meat-wise I think their fried chicken wings are the best but I didn't order any today, my wife don't really like the meatballs. The chicken cordon bleu is quite nice, it's a large piece of fried chicken breast stuffed with a bit of ham and cheese and it comes with some veggies and mashed potatoes with a buttery sauce, not bad. My wife's poached salmon was fresh, if you don't like greasy food this is the one for you, it comes with some veggies, two pieces of soft bread, I think they put garlic cream on the bread, the bread is quite nice, and they put a creamy sauce on the salmon, not bad also.

Spring rolls were very crispy, 2 pieces for $1, and the almond cake, wow, damn good, but I still like their chocolate and butterscotch cake and overall, I think we had a very good and filling meal at a very competitive price, the same kind of standard in a restaurant will probably cost us much more than $30.40, no wonder IKEA restaurant is always crowded, good food at reasonable prices.

And then I noticed something, as you know IKEA restaurant is cafeteria style, you grab a trolley, some trays and you join the queue, as you move on you can take or order whatever you want to eat, after that you move to the payment counter to make payment, just now one of the cashier commented that there was a group of people who did not make payment and went ahead to eat, I think IKEA has a lax and friendly system but some people choose to exploit it, and also their drinks, you have to buy and then they will allow you to have unlimited refills, but so many people did not buy and they went to get the drinks anyway, wow, I think their system is too lax, I wonder if they will lose money by giving free drinks.

And I always see people resting on the sofas, beds and chairs, I think if you want to try it out it's okay, but you don't sit down there and think it's your house, that's not nice. Last visit I saw one guy holding a bag of fried chicken wings sitting down on a sofa and enjoying his wings lol, I wonder how he clean his hands afterwards, I hope he brought along some wet tissues or is aware that there is a toilet, imagine he wipe his hands on the sofa! These people come down from the mountain or what.

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