07 August 2014

My Utilities Bills So Far and U-Save

My utilities bills so far.


First two months was low because we haven't move in yet, by the way first month they charged a $60 deposit so the actually bill was $7.18.

So for this month it's $97.39, much lower than expected, every month I set a budget of $150 for utilities and service and conservancy charges (S&CC), my S&CC is $28.50 because mine is a 2-room flat, so 150-28.50=$121.50. I think my utilities bill can be lower because last month we had a leak in one of our toilet bowls, I fixed that about two weeks ago, so next month my bills should be slightly lower.

I also checked with SP Services how come I didn't get any U-Save rebate, the lady on the line said I am eligible and it should have been credited in my July bill, she will check and get back to me.

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