04 August 2014

Singapore's 49th Birthday

I didn't know it was our 49th birthday until I Googled lol, every year pass by so peacefully that our National Day seems just like any other day, most years I don't even watch the parade, not even on TV, yeah we have had some scares in recent years, SARS, financial crisis, terrorism, Nicole highway collapse and etc but nothing our ministries cannot handle, to be honest I find our ministries very efficient and effective, yeah some policies are crap but our ministries are always open to feedback from the public, and they actually do something about it, which is a good thing, how many countries out there bother to listen to what you say and then do something about it?

Anyway when was our last military conflict, none after World War II, we have enjoyed a long period of peace, some scares here and there but nothing catastrophic, I think it's easy for me to say now that I am a reservist but I feel that military service is very important, as an NSF if you ask me whether NS means anything, I will probably tell you it's bullshit and a total waste of time, but as a family man, a husband, probably a father in the near future, NS is what keeps the bad guys away from us, just imagine Israel without a defense force of their own, of course our neighbours are much nicer but when it comes to the negotiation table, if you don't have a trump card, you lose, and SAF is our trump card.

But to be really honest, I still find reservist a waste of time, even though it's something necessary, I feel that MINDEF should focus more on making MORE effective use of our time and taxpayers' money, we don't really need 10 years of reservist duties, on my 5th or 6th year, I went for a graded military exercise, it's like exam for reservist, we get graded to see if we know our stuff, my unit passed the exam but still we have to serve the full 10 cycles, 7 high-keys and 3 low-keys, I think if we can pass, then just let us MR, no need to serve 10 cycles, no point and waste of resources, unless if we fail then no choice we stay back to train more, at least we have a realistic target rather than 10 cycles, what the hell is 10 cycles, it's like just serve and f*** off, nobody really gives a shit, but if you have a realistic target, I think people will be more motivated.

And nowadays MINDEF is listening, these few years they have made a lot of improvements to NS, too bad only after I ORD then they change, but it's never too late, at least it will benefit the generations to come. See the recent IPPT changes, I find it a good change, at least more people will be motivated to try since they will remove chin-up and standing broad jump.

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