23 August 2014

Starmex Aircon Very Easy to Clean

The vanes can be removed easily because the middle and left section can be unlocked and the inner vanes can be pulled down by unlocking it, exposing the fan takes less than a minute, but nothing much to clean because we only used it for about 2 months.

I think overall I'm very satisfied with my aircon, the cooling power is solid, at 24 degrees it's so chilling, have the Genting Highlands feel, 25 is just nice for me but my wife prefer 24, I can't imagine 23 and below, must be super cold. The best part about this aircon is they have this silent fan mode, you turn it on and there is barely any sound coming from the aircon, it's as if the aircon is not even there, and the difference between silent mode and normal fan mode is just that silent takes a little bit longer to cool the room so no biggie.

One problem with this aircon is the fan is too powerful, previously I was using auto fan mode and when the fan goes into high speed, it will vibrate and make a lot of noise, and when it reach max speed, even the ceiling will vibrate, and I only realized this earlier this week, I always thought my neighbour above was using a massage chair or running a generator, but anyway their aircon compressor is still running like an old car engine, damn noisy, the neighbour beside also the same, sometimes I can hear the uncle say he beh tahan, probably referring to the noise, of course, even I can hear it and he's sleeping right beside it so it must be worse.

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