06 August 2014

Today I Played with Spring Framework

Currently I have a tool written in JSP, all the java code is running inside the JSP, it's very messy and not easy to maintain, well, I had to do it this way because it's piggyback onto an existing application, I don't want to touch anything existing, and doing it this way is very easy to deploy.

So anyway, I was thinking of doing it in a more standard way using a framework, so today I tried struts and spring, I find spring easier to implement, just need to download the spring libraries, and apache commons logging, dump it into WEB-INF\lib, configure web.xml for the servlet, create a controller class, create a JSP, create a servlet xml, that's it, so easy haha. If you are interested you can check out this tutorial, it will get you started real quick. I think I might be able to convert my tool into spring by this week.

Oh by the way I'm using weblogic server 10.3.3, I run it from my Eclipse, so after I make the change, I just deploy and run locally, very easy to test ;)

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