27 August 2014

Trying for Baby Again!

Somehow I feel that everything is settled and all I need to do is to have a baby, I mean house, job, wife's PR all settled, what else. I feel even more motivated when I heard that the wife of my 26 year old colleague delivered her baby recently, I'm already 31 and my wife 28 and we still don't have baby, so what are we waiting for.

Anyway I already have a plan in mind, once her pregnancy is confirmed, I will straight away buy tickets for her to go home, have discussed with her, the cost here in Singapore is just ridiculous even if she is PR, of course if everything goes well then no worry but for her case is very hard to say, what if there are complications, the cost can shoot through the roof, really no point paying that kind of money.

So when she stays in Thailand, I will visit her once every 2-3 months, now I have plenty of leave so no problem. Maybe we might get a car there so it will be easier for her to get to the hospital. Now I'm thinking how much I should give her every month she is there, maybe $1200, hope it's enough.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mtg, i am a foreigner too in Singapore and have not get my pr approved yet. I delivered a baby boy last year and he is now 10mths old. Just to share with you my experience on expenses throughout my pregnancy in singapore. When i got pregnant my husband is still an spass holder and i am on work permit.He just got his Pr approved this year on February. I continue working in Singapore until 34 weeks of pregnancy as pregnant lady will not be allow to travel in aeroplane after 34 weeks of pregnancy. I took up a pregnancy scan package for $700 only in one of the clinic in Lucky Plaza. The doctor is very professional as previously he is from Mount Alvernia. The $700 package provides scanning until you gave birth. Everymonth they will provide us with a free folic acid but if you wish to purchase additional supplement then you will need to pay it at your own cost.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Thanks for sharing, our first try was really costly because of my wife's heart condition, doesn't make sense to spend that kind of money again, it's way cheaper in her hometown.