20 August 2014

What to do When ICA Rejects Your PR?

I like to share stories so let's start by sharing my wife's PR story.

I married her in Sep 2010 and I applied LTVP for her, then in May 2011, I applied PR for her, waited for about 6 months and it was rejected with no reason given, boy was I pissed, but I knew I was simply trying my luck so I had no intention to appeal nor submit it again as soon as possible, that is because I did a lot of research on this topic, spoke to a couple of friends, co-workers and relatives, and I realized that if there is not much change from point of submission to appeal, then there is really no point to appeal.

For spousal PR application, ICA will assess both of our eligibility, just look at the Form 4, they want to know our occupation, salary, education level, number of children, then they will also want to know our IRAS and CPF information, so what I'm saying is if there is not much change in those information, then really no point to appeal or submit soon.

So for my wife's case, her first PR application was rejected in Nov 2011, we submitted again in Oct 2013, about 23 months later, so we waited for almost two years, finally her second application was approved last month, this time we waited about 9 months.

So from Nov 2011 (first PR reject) until Oct 2013 (second PR application), what has changed for us?
  • My salary increased from $2850 to $3480.
  • I was converted to permanent position in my company.
  • We tried having baby but my wife had a miscarriage, not sure if they check hospital record, not sure if this even helps at all.
  • I started to pay income tax.
  • My CPF contribution was consistent and grew as I remained employed with annual increment.
As for my wife she didn't have much change since she was and is still a housewife.

But I don't think they gave my wife her PR just because of the above, let's look at what has changed from Oct 2013 (second PR application) to Jul 2014 (PR application approved).
  • We bought our 2-room resale flat.
I have a gut feeling that buying a flat helps, or maybe not, well I shared my experience and I hope it can be a good reference to someone out there, ultimately I feel that PR application is like entering a lucky draw, win happy, lose move on.

Good luck.


Unknown said...

just wondering if anyone still went on to appeal immediately after the first rejection ?

how long will they take to respond for the appeal ?

I am pretty time tied as my wife LTVP is expiring in mid Nov, so from now until then only left 3 months.

A Singapore citizen said...

Thanks for the post. I am happy for you that your wife has obtained Singapore PR finally.

Yes, maybe buying a flat helps in securing the PR status, come to think of it, as ICA may be more assured that both of you are serious about starting a family in Singapore. Maybe you could share more about your experience in buying a two-room resale flat in your blog in future, if you haven't done so, as I am also planning to buy a flat (either two-room BTO or resale) under Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme, and readers like myself may be able to learn and benefit from reading about your experience.

Best wishes to you and yours.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


I have mostly recorded in my blog, you can check out the following links:



Hope it helps!

Unknown said...

I already bought my flat way before getting married ... I only owe them about $12k more for the flat (anytime can clear) ... salary $4k/mth ... car fully paid up ... dun owe any other organization anything ... completed reservist cycle ... I really dunno what else they looking for ?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Unknown,

Seems like your housing and financials are very stable, another thing I can think of is marriage duration.

When I apply for my wife the second time, it was in Oct 2013, that time we have been married for 3 years and 1 month, and by time of approval in Jul 2014, we have been married for 3 years and 10 months.

Another thing is nationality or race quota, I'm sure they have some kind of quota for each country and race for a certain period, could be by year, or could be by month.

And also children should play a part too. If you have children then you can appeal based on this, I think it's very hard for them not to grant PR to your wife based on compassionate grounds.

Unknown said...

I guess the only thing left is my marriage duration ... I am trying to get everything done in 1 year .. ROM in Sep 2013, LTVP in Nov 2013 and hoping for the PR b4 the LTVP expires.

when I submitted in May we did not know that my wife already pregnant for 1 month already ... so I just sent them an appeal telling them that my wife is carrying one of SG's first few Jubilee baby boy.

keeping my fingers crossed.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Unknown,

I have a feeling your appeal will get approved, if I am the approving officer and your case is presented to me, there's no way I can say no again ;)

Wait for good news!

Unknown said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed ... hopefully me and my wife can enjoy some perks of her at least getting a PR ... you know lah ... LTVP go polyclinic got to pay first then see DR ...:(

Anonymous said...

Yes, that helps. Thank you for posting the relevant links here.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

And polyclinic consultation is expensive for foreigners, even common illnesses also need to pay about $40 just for consultation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Can i know your 1st PR rejection, was there any comments in the letter to apply again in X months or no mention at all? Some people says this is a clue whether the next application will be approved or not.

Unknown said...


the letter is pretty straight forward ... just reject and also tell me that marriage does not guarantee PR.

anyway, I have submitted an appeal and still waiting for their reply ... but in the meantime, I guess i'll just have to extend her LTVP first.

scarlett said...

hi! we applied for my husband's PR in August 2014. till now no news.. although of course they said it would take about 4-6 months before we hear from them. our urgency for the PR is actually highly in relation to buying a house. we wish to buy a 4 room flat (my mom will stay with us), but the avrg price of a 4 room flat is about $320,000 minimum. the loan amount granted based on my income alone will not be enough. i am a born and bred Singaporean, and of course we wish to sink roots here. but yes, after reading a few forum posts as well as your blog post, i am a bit pessimistic. we only got married in May this year. he is on an EP, though, and earns slightly more than me. we are both master's degree holders from NUS and NTU. fingers crossed!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Can only wish you the best!

Unknown said...

@scarlett : still got chance meh ? or are you buying a resale flat ? the latest launch already closed on 1 Dec ... and i had to give it a miss becoz my wife did not get PR ... and HDB policy is if local + PR then can get new big flat. but if local + non-PR, then considered a single applicant only. evne if your partner gets PR in the new few months, there's no more launches already leh ...

scarlett said...

@marrythaigirlsingapore: thanks! your blog is also very interesting and informative, btw :)

@Unknown: resale flat lor.

Unknown said...

Looking at things now .. I guess there is really no point to "appeal" ... should simply just re-apply.

"appealing" does not make anything any easier ... you still have to wait ... for even longer ... my first application was rejected in 3 months ... my appeal has been pending since Sep 14 !! I think should just reapply instead of wasting time waiting for them to look at my appeal ... furthermore, my baby already arrived on Xmas eve ...

Unknown said...

just when I was thinking of resubmitting ... I got the principle approval from ICA for my wife's PR !

but abit confused over here ... what are the fees that I need to pay ? there is the PR card fee, and then there is this re-entry permit fee - is this necessary ?

also for the med checkup, can do at polyclinic ? coz not many GPs for x-ray machine. my wife did not do the xray during LTVP as she was pregnant ... so not got to do for the PR thingy.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Yes the re-entry permit is necessary for her to leave and come back SG unlimited for 5 years, without it, once she leave SG she will lose her PR status.

Medical checkup can also be done at polyclinic, you can try outram poly or queenstown poly, less people so no need to wait so long.

Unknown said...

What about the waiting time for the blood tests ? I know I can get the xray on the spot at the poly ... but the blood test results have to wait or not ? should be going to tampines poly.

Unknown said...

hmmm... just remembered that she is still listed as foreigner ... so going to the poly will be $42 before x-ray and blood tests ... so better go GP ... cheaper but got to wait a few more days...

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Wow polyclinic keep increasing price, jia lat lol.

Unknown said...

just an update .... went to a x-ray clinic in tampines and only paid $10 for the x-ray !

anyway, due to work, had to resched the apt to two weeks later than go to do the formalities.

one more thing, its time to file income tax already (so fast!!) ... question; will it matter if my wife is permit holder or PR WHEN I file my returns ?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Unknown,

You can check out this link for the relief you are eligible: http://www.iras.gov.sg/irashome/page.aspx?id=9902

If she is not working, you can file for spouse relief, if she is working, she will need to file her return if her company is not under the auto-inclusion scheme.

Anonymous said...

Hi, last Sept 2014 I applied PR for my wife who was on LTVP and until now still no news (coming to 7th month). During application then, my income was $2900+ and my wife has a master degree locally. Then in late Feb 2015, she got a job for $2000 under the LTVP and Letter of Consent from MOM. We subsequently updated ICA on this. Hopefully we will get good news from ICA real soon.


marrythaigirlsingapore said...


It's quite common to wait so long, some people waited up to one year, nothing else you can do but wait ;)

And best of luck!

Unknown said...

yup ... can only sit and wait .. they will not tell you why or what to do ... else everyone will start to tailor their environment to get the PR.

alternatively, you can approach you MP for assistance ... it will go a long long way. but make sure you have waited for some time already before going to your MP ... say after 2 years with a Singaporean kid.

Anonymous said...

I'm following your blog since last year and I got my PR approved last month.

Married for 4.5years, Husband Singaporean, 1 son and bought BTO 3years ago. Apply in Sept 2014, approved in 5 months.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

You are welcome ;)

Sim said...

Hi! Sharing my joy. Been following this site for 1 year plus.
It has given me lots of insight on applications for LTVP, LTVP+ and PR. Thank you all, esp to site owner !
My Wife got LTVP (1 year) after we got married. 6 months to expiry, as she is pregnant, we applied for LTVP+, approved.
Within 1 month of getting LTVP+, I just apply PR for my wife. Waited for close to 7 months, today got mail. PR Approved.
Really abit shocked as it's our first time try.
To anyone, just apply for it. We really don't know the outcome, be it quota or any factors pertaining to it.

Ps. I'm just a normal working class. with minimum CPF, haven't bought a hdb.


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Sim,

Congratulations! I believe government is also aware that having PR will help us a lot. Nowadays not easy for those on EP to get PR, I believe they allocate more for families.

So those who have not try, just do it and maybe you will be in for a pleasant surprise!