21 August 2014

Wife Completed PR Formalities

Our appointment was at 1.45pm, we reached ICA building at 1pm and registered at about 1.05pm, the PR services centre at level 5 was quite empty so we didn't have to wait long, about 10 minutes later our number was called, we went to submit my wife's passport, her long-term visit pass plus (ICA will keep this), 2 passport size photograph taken at the same level (4 pieces for $5), the approval letter, paid $200 by NETS ($100 for entry permit, $50 for re-entry permit, $50 for blue IC), and finally collected my wife's entry and re-entry permit and a slip of paper to register an appointment to collect her blue IC. And she got a new IC number starting with S, her G number is no longer in use. The whole process ended before 1.45pm, faster than expected, I thought we will be stuck there for at least 2 hours lol.

And just to share an incident while taking photo at the level 5, the uncle insisted that my wife put on a coat for her photograph, I checked the approval letter and there is no such requirement but I told my wife to just do as told, I just felt that he don't seem to like foreigners much, he asked me if my wife is submitting her PR application and I said no, it is approved and he seemed a bit unhappy about it, lol what the hell, my wife get PR also cannot? Almost felt like telling him off. He also spoke to my wife in Mandarin but my wife only know a few words so she didn't know how to reply, so I stepped in and overheard the uncle mumbling something in Mandarin like "Jia lat, don't know how to speak Mandarin", I told him she is Thai so she doesn't know Mandarin, but you can speak to her in English, and he then spoke to her in English, it's not like he don't know English, almost wanted to ask him what is his problem, this is Singapore, not China, it's either English, Mandarin, Malay or Tamil, really don't know what is his problem, I find that there are many such crazy people in Singapore, if not happy about government giving PR to my wife, go complain to the government, stupid asshole.


makz said...

congrats to your wife's PR approval! my wife has just gotten her LTVP+ , but we waited 5 hours to get it done =_=

there are always these guai lan uncles around , we also kena this old man asking why we cant speak mandarin.....

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey Makz,

Long time no see ;)

The LTVP is always so slow, but 5 hours is ridiculous, must be super crowded!

That uncle really spoil our mood, happy day turned into pissed off day, but we try not to let such people ruin our day, really don't understand what his problem is.

Unknown said...

wow !! lucky you ... my wife's application just got rejected two weeks ago and i am appealing the rejection ... wonder if they can respond before the end of Sep ... coz that is when i have to renew my wife's LTVP.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Unknown,

Hope they can get back to you soon, the worst part is the waiting. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Singaporean married a foreigner last year August. I applied PR for my wife November last year. She has MSc, MBA. I submitted all required docs. During application my salary was like around $2k but then this year my salary became $3.3k so I submitted the change in my salary to ICA. My wife earns about $3.3k and she pays tax just like me. Another thing is last year she had miscarriage. When I asked ICA if I need to submit the doctor letter, I was told no need. Wonder what are the chances of my wife PR being approved? Prior to marrying me, she was working for two years and this year will be third year.

-ve krip said...

I married since 2010. My 2nd child is about to be born. Have applied PR for 3 times but got rejected. Seems that i have to approach my MP for assistance.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Heard of many such cases, strange that they don't give people with child PR, me and wife is childless and she got PR, actually I was very surprised when they approved my wife's PR, really don't understand what they are doing.

My wife has a friend also Thai and married here for 7 or 8 years, think they have 2 or 3 kids, still the wife cannot get PR, strange policies right.

Anonymous said...


Useful information you have in your blog. Was hopping if you could advise on how to fill in the PART B of the PR application form?

The questions of PART B:
- The table indicates "Period of Stay: DD/MM/YYYY", which I am really unsure about cause it goes down till the DD of the period. How should I list this?


*any person who resides or had previously resided in Singapore by virtue of any immigration pass or permit or work permit.
- The columns has "Dates of Arrivals" and "Dates of Departure". Could I base it on the immigration and emigration stamps in my passport?
- Would the information be somewhat same as what I had provided above (minus the part where I lived in Malaysia)?

Also, my wife (the sponsor) is currently upgrading herself by taking a part-time degree. I feel that such upgrading could "add points" to our application. Can I include this information in, and where?

Background: I was a WP holder from Malaysia who has been working in Singapore for almost 5 years. I resided in Singapore for about 2/3 years, then I moved to JB due to the high rental cost (still WP Holder, I traveled in and out of Singapore for about a year). I am now married to a SC-born, and holding a LTVP and staying in Singapore. Our monthly combined income is over $4K, which I heard is one of the "criteria". We have good feel about our applications, but we've only been married for a few months - would ICA reject our application as they fear that the marriage is a fraud?

Sorry for the long post, and thank you!!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


What I did was refer to my wife's passport, from there should be able to determine the dates for countries she resided in. As for address, just put the address that you stay in that country.

I think the application only lets her fill up her highest education, but if you want to submit, can submit together with the supporting documents.

I'm not sure about the PR criteria, whatever you hear from others is not confirmed, I say just submit and try your luck and see how it goes, don't worry too much.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy

I just managed to secure a PR for my wife recently and we are on the way to complete formalities later this month. But Right after that i have to fly back to Vietnam to continue working :(

I just have to ask a few thing
1. Is the Re-Entry Permit issued after completion of formalities?
a. Is it a chop on the passport or a slip of letter?

i will need to authorize one of my family member to collect Blue IC for i know it is not issued on the stop. Am I right about that?

Thank you for your comments.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi tben,

The re-entry permit is issued on the day of appointment. It is a piece of paper.

For blue id card, have to book another appointment to collect.

Anonymous said...


Can I check how long it took for you to receive your in-principle approval letter?

My husband's PR is finally approved. I noticed that his application status has been change to "Approved" online.

However, I have not received an approval letter yet. Emails and phone calls to ICA just give me generic answer to wait for the letter.

Wah Lao. So hard to wait without knowing what to do next.

Should I just ask him to take the medical test and standby?

Anonymous said...

Hello, mind helping me clear some doubts?

Can I direct you to the PR application form for spouses of Singaporean, the "qualifications" portion:
One box says "2. Highest Qualifications (if different from 3)" and the one beside says "3. 1st Degree, Type and Class (e.g. B.a. / DIPLOMA)"

I'm a bit misled here cause Degree would meant... Degree. But in the brackets there is a "Diploma". Can I just check, for myself, a Diploma holder, I should fill in my Diploma in which box?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


For diploma holder you can put under 2.

The diploma under 3 should be referring to post-graduate diploma.

My wife got her in-principal approval around 8 months+.

Best of luck!