Ordered Gas Again for $32

Eng Kee Chicken Wings

Just Got Home After Field Training

Passed My IPPT

I Can Renew My Starhub Mobile Line

First Day of ICT Boring As Hell (As Usual)

IKEA Pizza for Dinner

Now Trying Out Cyberfox Web Browser

Next Week In-Camp Training

Haze is Back Again (Again!)

Sigh, So Shagged

Try Order from

Google Chrome 64-bit

Using Java Keytool to Manage SSL Certs

Data Centre FM Job Not Easy

So Tired and So Busy!

Wife Not Pregnant

My Wife's Long-time Friend is Coming to Visit

Received My U-Save Rebates

Encountered Two Outbursts of Anger in One Day!

Bought a New TV!

Gooseberry at Sheng Siong

These Few Days So Busy

Sparkling Wine Stopper