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Ordered Gas Again for $32

I first ordered my gas on 07 Jul , until now is 85 days, almost 3 months, so it's about $0.376 per day, I find it okay as my wife use the gas almost daily to cook water and food, she's still complaining how come it's so expensive lol, but okay la, where got expensive. By the way today she cooked sambal chilli, damn nice, I ate two big plates of rice with it, I asked her to cook fish balls with the chilli tomorrow, must be very nice too, but really unexpected that she can cook such good sambal, damn shiok.

Eng Kee Chicken Wings

Recently me and wife have been eating at the stall, we tried the fried bee hoon and noodles, they have quite a good selection of toppings like sunny side up egg, taiwan sausage, fish cake, cabbage, long beans and etc, basically the typical economical bee hoon stall kind of selection, all are quite standard fare, but the bee hoon and noodles goes very well with the cabbages. The charm of the stall is obviously the chicken wings, one piece for $1.20, I find it very juicy and fresh, every time I eat it's always served hot and the juices will burst out when I bite into it, very shiok, my wife like it because they don't put a lot of powder, one example is Old Chang Kee's fried chicken wings, too much batter, my wife had to take off all the skin. I always see people buying 10s, 20s or even 30s, really popular. The chilli sauce is also special, goes very well with the wings and noodles, oh and they also sell Otah, $1 per piece, also nice, my wife can eat 4 pieces alone, she lo

Just Got Home After Field Training

Damn shagged, feel like dying man, I think I'm getting older, this kind of field training is getting too much for me, if I am 10 years younger I think I can still manage but at 31 years old, wah cannot take it, everywhere pain, totally drained of energy, can't imagine I still have two more high-keys to go, I also can't understand how some people say ICT is a holiday trip, how the heck is field training considered a holiday. Anyway lucky my commanders know that we are old soldiers, maybe that's why they allow us to go home and rest provided we can report back the next day on time, I think it's a fair deal and sleeping at home is always better than sleeping in the bunk. And I wonder when was the last time they cleaned the mattress, or do they even clean at all? Also to summarize my taxi fares so far, yesterday I mentioned that my taxi fares from Monday to Wednesday was $93.80, this morning I spent $23.40, just now spent $20.50 so total is $137.70, still within my

Passed My IPPT

If I run slower by 2 seconds I would have failed lol, glad I pushed a bit more during the last stretch, at least I can get $100 for incentive pass, not enough to cover my taxi fares for this ICT but better than nothing. I calculated that I have spent $30 on Monday, $22.50 on Tuesday and $41.30 today, total is $93.80 so far, so I think my budget of $180 for taxi fares should be enough, just 3 more days to go.

I Can Renew My Starhub Mobile Line

Ha, you might be wondering how come I can blog even when I'm serving my in-camp, actually today I get to book out, tomorrow and Thursday have to stay in for training, sigh. Anyway just realized that I can renew my mobile line because I have the hubber bonus, every 12 months I can recontract, now I'm wondering which phone I should get, I think I will probably choose the one with highest resale value and then sell it, I don't really like smartphone, my wife also okay with it. During this in-camp I also noticed that almost everyone have a smartphone, nowadays everyone bring smartphone to play games inside the camp, seems like the trend but I just don't find it interesting, maybe I'm just plain old fashioned haha.

First Day of ICT Boring As Hell (As Usual)

But at least this ICT is not as tough as it sounds, this morning when I heard that we have a 3 days and 2 nights field training, I lost my breath for a while, really felt like fainting, and I was totally "sian" for the whole day, my platoon mates probably felt as "sian" as me but still we knew we have to do it because no choice. Luckily just now my officers announced that we will take turns to do it, that means one platoon will go first and then come back, the other platoon will take over and then continue the second day and night, and we will probably finish in 2 days and 2 nights instead, phew, I heaved a sigh of relief. 1 day and night not so bad, just endure a bit and that's it. Sigh, but after this still have 2 more high keys, I wish they will shorten ICT, maybe cut down to 8, 10 cycles a bit too much, why not they channel the money to raise NSF salary instead, reservist personnel not cheap because Mindef have to pay us civilian salary. Oh by the way to

IKEA Pizza for Dinner

I bought one whole packet for $5.90 and there are 7 slices inside, it's all veggies and not bad, the bread is quite special. IKEA Pizzabitar

Now Trying Out Cyberfox Web Browser

I'm still having issue with Google Chrome even after upgrading to 64-bit, sometimes it will get stuck at the top left of the screen and there's nothing I can do about it other than close the browser and open it again, or I can drag the tab out but that's just stupid. So I just downloaded and installed Cyberfox, really cool looking and so futuristic, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, previously I thought Palemoon would solve all my problems unfortunately I wasn't a very happy user, let's see what Cyberfox can do for me, but so far so good. If you are interested, you can download here .

Next Week In-Camp Training

Now that I have moved to a new house, I now live farther away from my camp, if I take bus/mrt, it will probably take me around 1 hour and 30 or 45 minutes so I have contacted one of my platoon mate who lives nearby and we will share a cab to and fro the camp, I think one person would pay about $12-$15, actually if driving it's not really that far, about 20-25 minutes drive so if take taxi I think max is $30. I think we might have another mate who wants to share so per person's cost will be reduced further. I think I will budget about $180 for taxi rides lol, but I don't think I will spend that much la.

Haze is Back Again (Again!)

I saw the news just now, the haze is coming from hot spots in Indonesia, the PSI is around 100, that means unhealthy level, and just now while making my way home, I can see that the sky is getting foggy, and today two of my co-workers took sick leave. I also feel a bit unwell, feel so tired, not sure if it's because I slept late these two days or because of the haze. I hope it gets better or else I can't go for my Saturday run, I have been running without fail for a long time now and I don't wish to be interrupted. I still don't understand why the Indonesian forest keep catching fire, I wonder what their government will say about it, probably tell us not to overreact while they stay out of the haze far away in their capital.

Sigh, So Shagged

Today spent 4 hours at a user meeting, definitely one of the longest meeting ever, as we just took over this new project, we had to go through whatever that was outstanding when we took over, it's quite a long list of items, including the outstanding service requests, we also had to go through the problems reported by users after takeover, bloody hell just the outstanding problems took us around 3 hours, the system owner was always digging into the details and finding new things for us to do, gone through the whole list and only managed to close one case, wah piang, ended up with even more things to do. Don't know next week in-camp training is considered lucky or not, even if I can MIA for one week, that doesn't mean I won't have anything to do when I come back, I bet there will be a lot of things waiting for me to do, shit.

Try Order from

Boring Sunday, don't know where to go so stay home and rot. So earlier on I found out about, seems like they have a lot of partnerships with local food stores, so they offer a large selection and they display clearly the minimum order and delivery charges which is very useful. I placed my order at 3.15pm, and I just received it at 4.30pm, not bad, I ordered from Canadian pizza by the way, smells good, going to eat now!

Google Chrome 64-bit

Source Finally they have a 64-bit version, I am now using it and let's see how much difference it is from the 32-bit version. And recently I encountered a weird problem with the 32-bit version, sometimes Chrome will get stuck at the top left corner of my screen, not sure what I can do to solve the problem, haven't try uninstalling but since the 64-bit version is out, might as well upgrade and see if it's better.

Using Java Keytool to Manage SSL Certs

Set path to java bin folder The full path is something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_24\bin That is because you need to be able to access the keytool.exe in bin folder: keytool.exe Run cmd as administrator Make sure you run cmd as administrator or else you won't be able to modify the cacerts: Run as administrator Change directory to the cacerts directory In the command prompt, cd to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_24\jre\lib\security In the directory, you will see a file cacerts, the certs are all stored there. Listing cacerts In the command prompt, type: keytool -list -keystore cacerts When prompted for password, try changeit , if that doesn't work, try changeme . You can also add alias to list a specific cert: keytool -list -alias MyCert -keystore cacerts Importing cert Type: keytool -import -alias MyCert -keystore cacerts -file C:\MyCert.cer Same thing, it will prompt for password, after that it will con

Data Centre FM Job Not Easy

For those of you in the IT line I'm sure you know what FM means, it's Facility Management, refers to people who work with servers, network, database, basically people who keep your infrastructure up and running smoothly. Today I went to our data centre to deploy some stuff, got stuck there from 2pm until 7pm, was in the server room for about 3 hours and I cannot take it, the aircon is very cold to keep the servers cool, humans are not meant to be inside, and these FM guys have to work inside for long periods because it's their job to check stuff to make sure it's running, they also have to handle many service requests from customers, not easy. I think maybe data centre FM job is tough, I've seen some in-house FM and their job is quite relax, if nothing happens they can just surf net, play games and etc. Speaking of which, I still haven't finish what I was supposed to do there, shit, so tired, have to go back again, really hate that place, cannot imagine how pe

So Tired and So Busy!

I wonder if I am stressing out myself for nothing, I look at my colleagues and they take it easy, but I keep feeling that I have so much to do and so little time, have a deadline here and there, then out of nowhere my in-charge gives me something to do, debug some program, check some code bla bla bla, then I get stupid emails and calls from our so-called software developers from Philippines basically asking me to troubleshoot their development environment, can you believe it, they are supposed to be the technical experts, now I'm troubleshooting for them, isn't that ridiculous, it's the first time I that worked with them and these people are terrible, deadline means nothing to them, I don't feel any sense of urgency from them. I have always been working with China developers and I must say those that I've worked with are very experienced, highly skilled and they can deliver on time. I have a China developer doing some stuff for me now but because he is so good, ev

Wife Not Pregnant

She checked yesterday with her friend and the result is negative, her friend say check again in two weeks but I don't think my wife is pregnant because she just told me her menstruation is here, if pregnant she won't have menstruation, I think we will try again after that. Suddenly I thought what if she cannot get pregnant again, I read some sad cases where after miscarriage some women have difficulty conceiving again, I hope that is not the case for my wife, but if really like that so be it, the two of us can still live happily together, just that having one more person with us will probably make our household more lively, I can't imagine how it would be like when both of us are in our 40s or 50s and there's only two of us, sounds boring huh. I'll let nature take its course, no point thinking too much.

My Wife's Long-time Friend is Coming to Visit

When my wife settled down in Singapore after our marriage, she went to look for a job at a Thai restaurant and met some new friends, they are all married to Singaporeans, all the husbands including me were waiting outside the restaurant haha, and that was 4 years ago. That time she met a young girl, I think 1 or 2 years older than my wife, they got along well because they are both from Isaan, I think also same province, both from Udon. So 4 years later which is today, my wife still remains in contact with her, now the girl has one baby girl and is currently pregnant with another baby, heard from my wife that her current pregnancy has been 5 months, while we are still childless, sad. Anyway her friend will visit our humble flat with her baby later, around 11am, and I think my wife might be pregnant again because she said that when her friend comes, she will use a pregnancy test kit to check, I hope it's good news. I heard from my wife that her friend don't get along well wit

Received My U-Save Rebates

My last post . They just released my utilities bill online and they credited $195 ($65 for Jul, $130 special payment) into my account, my bill for Sep 2014 is $97.39 and it is exactly the same as last month (so zhun?), so that means I don't have to pay for this month, I still have a credit of $97.61, probably next month also don't have to pay if the charges are the same. I think maybe they didn't come and check the meters, I also didn't submit my readings, I read in my Aug bill it said that I can submit readings at their website but I forgot, anyway my Sep bill says on 02 Oct someone will come and take the readings. Ah, anyway this U-Save thingy sure helps with cashflow, I'm sure it has helped a lot of families, this is one thing the government should continue doing but I hope people will take it as a chance to improve their finances instead of thinking it's free money, take it as an opportunity to save that extra cash, or at least half of it.

Encountered Two Outbursts of Anger in One Day!

Man Vs. hawker centre cleaner I was eating with my wife at Chinatown Complex when this man and his girlfriend or wife came to the table behind us, the man looks like he is in his early or mid 30s, the table was packed with plates and trays and he called out to the cleaner uncle to clean it, he sounded ok, not rude but the uncle responded in an unhappy tone and told him to wait, then this man shouted at the uncle and asked him if he was trying to find trouble, and then they started arguing, after that the man went to buy his food while his partner sat down. After the uncle finished with the other tables he came to clean the man's table, he complained to the man's partner and said he was busy, how come the man cannot wait, then the man came back and yelled at the uncle and told him to shut up and get lost, the uncle kept quiet and continued with his job. Foreigner auntie Vs. uncle While aboard the train to Farrer Park, one Chinese auntie started screaming at one uncle who i

Bought a New TV!

Today we went shopping at Mustafa Centre, our LCD TV became faulty, the colours are gone and left with only white, have sound but no picture, all white, this TV served me well since 2008, more than 6 years, that time I bought it for $1399, it's a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV, actually I bought it just for my Playstation 3, that time really bought it all at whim, never thought about saving money, spent about $2k+ just for console gaming, now that I think of it, what a waste of money, but the TV remained useful throughout while I sold my PS3 at $200+, and I bought it at $700+, really stupid. I bought my 32 inch at Mustafa too, and it's been more than 6 years since I visited Mustafa, their variety of products are still as overwhelming as before, makes my giddy, but the crowd seems to have reduced a lot, last time I also went on a weekend, ultra packed, today the crowd was okay. Anyway we went straight to B2 to look at their TVs, nowadays the TV pricing is so much lower, the 32 inches

Gooseberry at Sheng Siong

Just now my wife bought 2 packets of gooseberries at Sheng Siong, 2 for $3.60, not very big packets so I think it is quite pricey. It's my first time seeing this kind of berries, I wonder what it taste like. There is a Wikipedia page on this berry, you can check it out, and seems like there is a red version, my wife bought the green version, I think green is sour and red is sweet, same like apples and grapes.

These Few Days So Busy

This year is a very busy year for me, now my boss gives me more responsibilities, I think I can still manage as long as I have people to help me, luckily I have a very capable colleague from China, he is a very nice guy, very knowledgeable and experienced, I think he is around my age, I can always count on him to share my workload, we need more people like him, the best part is he is always willing to share and solve the problem, and also he can think of the bigger picture, some people just too focused on solving the current problem without considering the impact. I've had some terrible colleagues, boss give them work to do in the end I have to help them lol, basket, instead of sharing my workload they give me more work. Now that I think of it, I feel a little underpaid, since I'm doing so much shit now, I think my boss should pay me more, last year I was thinking I was overpaid because I didn't have too much to do, this year different, I hope in the next performance revi

Sparkling Wine Stopper

Yesterday I bought a cheap bottle of sparkling wine for $15.80 at Fairprice, the brand is Andre and the wine is Brut, I have no idea what that means, anyway it tastes ok, 10%+ alchohol, it doesn't smell that strong because of the slight sweetness so it's very easy to get drunk without knowing it because before I realize it, I already drank half a bottle and was starting to feel a bit tipsy. So after half a bottle, I decided to stop, by then I also realize that the cork cannot fit back in lol, it's larger than the hole, how did it get so big huh ;) Anyway luckily there is a metal piece on top which I can still use to tighten back so it's not that bad. I just did a research and found that there is a special stopper for it, maybe I will buy one next time. I bought a normal stopper at Fairprice and didn't get to use it, it just doesn't fit in because of the air trying to get out. I also bought a wine opener and didn't get to use it because the cork comes out