06 September 2014

Bought a New TV!

Today we went shopping at Mustafa Centre, our LCD TV became faulty, the colours are gone and left with only white, have sound but no picture, all white, this TV served me well since 2008, more than 6 years, that time I bought it for $1399, it's a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV, actually I bought it just for my Playstation 3, that time really bought it all at whim, never thought about saving money, spent about $2k+ just for console gaming, now that I think of it, what a waste of money, but the TV remained useful throughout while I sold my PS3 at $200+, and I bought it at $700+, really stupid.

I bought my 32 inch at Mustafa too, and it's been more than 6 years since I visited Mustafa, their variety of products are still as overwhelming as before, makes my giddy, but the crowd seems to have reduced a lot, last time I also went on a weekend, ultra packed, today the crowd was okay. Anyway we went straight to B2 to look at their TVs, nowadays the TV pricing is so much lower, the 32 inches ranges from $270+ to $400+, initially I wanted to get 32 but I thought since the price is low, might as well get slightly bigger right, and my wife of course agreed with me, so we looked at the 39 and 40+, and spotted a 42 inch LG LED TV, nowadays is LED, no more LCD, the colour and design looks nice and it's selling at $529, so no need to think so much, just buy. I think it's a new model, the model is LG 42LB561T.

After that we booked a taxi home, actually the TV was not as heavy as I thought, I can carry it with one hand, I think it's around 10KG+. It was easy to setup, the colours look really nice, even shitty channels like 5 and 8 looks brilliant.

Oh by the way if you are wondering why my old TV broke down, actually it was working fine when I was at my parents house, I think it got damaged when we moved, we put it on my father's lorry, only covered it up with a plastic sheet, must have knocked into something during the transport.

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