12 September 2014

Data Centre FM Job Not Easy

For those of you in the IT line I'm sure you know what FM means, it's Facility Management, refers to people who work with servers, network, database, basically people who keep your infrastructure up and running smoothly. Today I went to our data centre to deploy some stuff, got stuck there from 2pm until 7pm, was in the server room for about 3 hours and I cannot take it, the aircon is very cold to keep the servers cool, humans are not meant to be inside, and these FM guys have to work inside for long periods because it's their job to check stuff to make sure it's running, they also have to handle many service requests from customers, not easy. I think maybe data centre FM job is tough, I've seen some in-house FM and their job is quite relax, if nothing happens they can just surf net, play games and etc.

Speaking of which, I still haven't finish what I was supposed to do there, shit, so tired, have to go back again, really hate that place, cannot imagine how people can stay there, I think the salary is good, maybe.

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