22 September 2014

First Day of ICT Boring As Hell (As Usual)

But at least this ICT is not as tough as it sounds, this morning when I heard that we have a 3 days and 2 nights field training, I lost my breath for a while, really felt like fainting, and I was totally "sian" for the whole day, my platoon mates probably felt as "sian" as me but still we knew we have to do it because no choice. Luckily just now my officers announced that we will take turns to do it, that means one platoon will go first and then come back, the other platoon will take over and then continue the second day and night, and we will probably finish in 2 days and 2 nights instead, phew, I heaved a sigh of relief. 1 day and night not so bad, just endure a bit and that's it.

Sigh, but after this still have 2 more high keys, I wish they will shorten ICT, maybe cut down to 8, 10 cycles a bit too much, why not they channel the money to raise NSF salary instead, reservist personnel not cheap because Mindef have to pay us civilian salary.

Oh by the way tomorrow I will be taking my IPPT, hope I can pass, best is can get incentive, now incentive pass is $200, can cover my taxi fares.

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