07 September 2014

My Wife's Long-time Friend is Coming to Visit

When my wife settled down in Singapore after our marriage, she went to look for a job at a Thai restaurant and met some new friends, they are all married to Singaporeans, all the husbands including me were waiting outside the restaurant haha, and that was 4 years ago. That time she met a young girl, I think 1 or 2 years older than my wife, they got along well because they are both from Isaan, I think also same province, both from Udon.

So 4 years later which is today, my wife still remains in contact with her, now the girl has one baby girl and is currently pregnant with another baby, heard from my wife that her current pregnancy has been 5 months, while we are still childless, sad. Anyway her friend will visit our humble flat with her baby later, around 11am, and I think my wife might be pregnant again because she said that when her friend comes, she will use a pregnancy test kit to check, I hope it's good news.

I heard from my wife that her friend don't get along well with her in-laws, currently they are staying together with the husband's parents but they applied for a BTO at Yishun, about 2 years to get keys. Her in-laws forbid her to cook Isaan food, Isaan food is bamboo, fermented fish sauce and some other strong smelling stuff, and because of the smell, that's why her in-laws don't like. The fish sauce is not the Knife brand that you see in supermarkets, it's a black and muddy looking liquid with a very strong odour that you can only get at Golden Mile. Bamboo has a smell because of the liquid they use to preserve it, but if it's fresh bamboo, there's no smell. But staying with in-laws is not easy, best is get your own place.

By the way she is our first visitor, yesterday we went to get a TV just because she is coming, people come at least should have TV for them to see right. My wife prepared bamboo and some Isaan food to eat with her friend, I don't think I will join them, I will go outside and eat McDonald's or something, the fish sauce and bamboo is too much for me, the odour really overwhelming for me, I wonder how they can stand it.


Anonymous said...

when you dont eat, it stinks.
but when u eat it, it will not stinks.

issan food so delicious, you should eat then go eat MAC.

got issan wife better learn how to eat issan food.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Still can't get used to it haha, the muddy fish sauce is still too much for me, but other dishs like bamboo with coconut milk wrapped in banana leaf is still ok, their barbeque beef is fantastic with beer.