07 September 2014

Received My U-Save Rebates

My last post.

They just released my utilities bill online and they credited $195 ($65 for Jul, $130 special payment) into my account, my bill for Sep 2014 is $97.39 and it is exactly the same as last month (so zhun?), so that means I don't have to pay for this month, I still have a credit of $97.61, probably next month also don't have to pay if the charges are the same.

I think maybe they didn't come and check the meters, I also didn't submit my readings, I read in my Aug bill it said that I can submit readings at their website but I forgot, anyway my Sep bill says on 02 Oct someone will come and take the readings.

Ah, anyway this U-Save thingy sure helps with cashflow, I'm sure it has helped a lot of families, this is one thing the government should continue doing but I hope people will take it as a chance to improve their finances instead of thinking it's free money, take it as an opportunity to save that extra cash, or at least half of it.

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