01 September 2014

Sparkling Wine Stopper

Yesterday I bought a cheap bottle of sparkling wine for $15.80 at Fairprice, the brand is Andre and the wine is Brut, I have no idea what that means, anyway it tastes ok, 10%+ alchohol, it doesn't smell that strong because of the slight sweetness so it's very easy to get drunk without knowing it because before I realize it, I already drank half a bottle and was starting to feel a bit tipsy.

So after half a bottle, I decided to stop, by then I also realize that the cork cannot fit back in lol, it's larger than the hole, how did it get so big huh ;) Anyway luckily there is a metal piece on top which I can still use to tighten back so it's not that bad. I just did a research and found that there is a special stopper for it, maybe I will buy one next time. I bought a normal stopper at Fairprice and didn't get to use it, it just doesn't fit in because of the air trying to get out. I also bought a wine opener and didn't get to use it because the cork comes out very easily for sparkling wine, just push a bit and the cork flies out, luckily I didn't point it at my wife.


Anonymous said...

"Brut" means the sparkling wine is dry.

Anyway for wines, especially sparkling & white wines, try not to keep too long cuz once the bottle has been opened, the oxidation process will start and even closing back the bottle will not help. at most finish within 3 days, anything more than 3 days and the wine will start to turn to vinegar liao.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I see, it tastes a bit sweet and dry.

I bought on Sunday, that means I should try to finish it tonight! Thanks for the tips!