03 September 2014

These Few Days So Busy

This year is a very busy year for me, now my boss gives me more responsibilities, I think I can still manage as long as I have people to help me, luckily I have a very capable colleague from China, he is a very nice guy, very knowledgeable and experienced, I think he is around my age, I can always count on him to share my workload, we need more people like him, the best part is he is always willing to share and solve the problem, and also he can think of the bigger picture, some people just too focused on solving the current problem without considering the impact. I've had some terrible colleagues, boss give them work to do in the end I have to help them lol, basket, instead of sharing my workload they give me more work.

Now that I think of it, I feel a little underpaid, since I'm doing so much shit now, I think my boss should pay me more, last year I was thinking I was overpaid because I didn't have too much to do, this year different, I hope in the next performance review my salary will increase more, give me more bonus too.

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