27 October 2014

Changed Thai Baht at People's Park Complex

Today I went to withdraw cash for my coming Thailand trip and I decided to change some Baht in advance, the rate was very high compared to the last time I went, that was in April 2013. So just now I changed 200 Singapore dollars for 5000 Thai Baht and they returned me $1.40, the rate was 1 SGD to 25.18 THB, last time I remember changing 1 SGD for only 22.70 THB at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Anyway the reason why I changed early is exactly because of the lousy rate I got at Suvarnabhumi, I thought this time I should at least have some Baht ready for food, taxi and whatever, no need to change so much because the rate at Khao San is much better, yeah we will be staying at Khao San, my favourite place ;)

Very much looking forward to the trip!

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