14 October 2014

Damn Crystal Reports XI and 2013

Our customer is running Crystal Reports Server XI (version 11) and their reports were created using Crystal Reports 2008 (version 12) and my company purchased the full suite of Crystal Reports and Server 2013 (version 14) for our SIT environment, wow sounds kind of confusing right. Initially I was worried about the compatibility, will reports created in version 14 even work in server version 11, after doing some research, I found that as long as we don't use the new stuff in version 14 we should be able to run it fine in the older server, but then it's kind of weird that our test server has a higher version than our production server haha, which makes our SIT less reliable, in the end we still have to ensure that it can run fine in the UAT server before we can roll it out to live.

Anyway today I finished installing the server, took me quite a while because of the unzipping, damn huge files, and the installation took a long time, I think around an hour or more, and also installation of the client tools took quite a while too. I can now import reports via the CMC but not sure how I can mass import, currently I'm doing it one by one which is kind of stupid, I'm sure they have some sort of mass import tool like in XI which was called Publishing Wizard, can't find it anywhere in 2013 though.

I also tried accessing a report via our application but it threw an error saying it cannot resolve the host name, I tried to ping by IP address from our application server and it's okay, but when I tried to ping by host name it failed, so I configured our application server's host file to map the host name to its IP address and it works. Now that I've solved this error, it threw another different error but it was getting late so I went home lol.

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